Title: In tkinter, simple dialogs, askstrings, etc. with flexible coordinates and no viewable parent.
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msg359147 - (view) Author: Dominic Mayers (dominic108) * Date: 2020-01-01 07:21
Currently, it's not possible to center or change the coordinates in anyway of an askstring, askfloat or askinteger dialog in One can see this by looking at the code:

        if parent.winfo_viewable():

        if title:

        self.parent = parent

        self.result = None

        body = Frame(self)
        self.initial_focus = self.body(body)
        body.pack(padx=5, pady=5)


        if not self.initial_focus:
            self.initial_focus = self

        self.protocol("WM_DELETE_WINDOW", self.cancel)

        if self.parent is not None:
            self.geometry("+%d+%d" % (parent.winfo_rootx()+50,

Here self.parent is never None, because the first statement would create a run time error if parent was None. So, the geometry always depends on the parent. Moreover, if the parent is not viewable, `parent.winfo_rootx()` and `parent.winfo_rooty()` are both 0. So, we can only set the coordinates of a simple dialog using a viewable parent. This contradicts a bit "simple" in "simpledialog". For example, what about an application that does not have a root window, like git for example, but, which unlike git, needs to create simple dialogs in some occasions. 

I am aware that a messagebox does not use the code that is presented above, but a messagebox is not a simple dialog - it's only a message. 

I am also aware of the class SimpleDialog, which also does not use this code, but it only works with buttons. It's not like askstring, askinteger and askfloat.
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