Title: Document functools.cached_property supports value updating and clearing
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msg355110 - (view) Author: Laurie Opperman (Epic_Wink) * Date: 2019-10-21 23:53
As I discovered during working on bpo-38545, `functools.cached_property` natively supports cached value setting/updating and clearing (via attribute assignment and deletion, respectively) through mechanisms defined in the language for non-data descriptors:

    class A:
        j = 0
        def b(self):
            self.j += 1
            return self.j

    a = A()
    print(a.b)  # 1
    print(a.b)  # 1
    del a.b
    print(a.b)  # 2
    print(a.b)  # 2
    a.b = 42
    print(a.b)  # 42
    print(a.b)  # 42
    del a.b
    print(a.b)  # 3
    print(a.b)  # 3

I propose that this functionality be documented, for two reasons:
1. To notify developers that this functionality is available, and how to access it
2. To notify developers that this functionality needs to be explicitly disabled. This is important as the built-in `property` is the reverse: property setting and deletion needs to be explicitly implemented

Disabling the value can be achieved by subclassing `functools.cached_property` and overriding/implementing `__set__` and `__delete__` to raise:

    class immutable_cached_property(functools.cached_property):
        def __set__(self, instance, value):
            raise AttributeError("can't set attribute")

        def __delete__(self, instance):
            raise AttributeError("can't delete attribute")

Further reading:
- Defining descriptors:
- Descriptor how-to:
- Class construction:
msg355112 - (view) Author: hongweipeng (hongweipeng) * Date: 2019-10-22 02:20
It can be solved by extending propery. `class cached_property(property):` . How about this idea?
msg355114 - (view) Author: Laurie Opperman (Epic_Wink) * Date: 2019-10-22 03:16
@hongweipeng What can be solved? Do you mean `functools.cached_property` should inherit `property`? First, this would break existing code dependant on the functionality of `functools.cached_property` (admittedly, Python 3.8 was release less than two weeks ago). Second, that seems like arbitrary restriction: I'd prefer just to update the documentation
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