Title: nuspec iconUrl field is deprecated
Type: behavior Stage: resolved
Components: Windows Versions: Python 3.9, Python 3.8
Status: closed Resolution: fixed
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Assigned To: steve.dower Nosy List: miss-islington, paul.moore, steve.dower, tim.golden, zach.ware
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Created on 2019-10-08 04:21 by steve.dower, last changed 2020-02-25 20:55 by steve.dower. This issue is now closed.

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PR 18657 merged steve.dower, 2020-02-25 18:45
PR 18660 merged miss-islington, 2020-02-25 20:07
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msg354167 - (view) Author: Steve Dower (steve.dower) * (Python committer) Date: 2019-10-08 04:21
The iconUrl field has to be replaced with an icon field, and we need to include the file in the package now.

Details at
msg362661 - (view) Author: Steve Dower (steve.dower) * (Python committer) Date: 2020-02-25 20:07
New changeset d6448919702142123d937a54f20a81aeaf8d2acc by Steve Dower in branch 'master':
bpo-38403: Update nuspec file for deprecated field and git repository (GH-18657)
msg362664 - (view) Author: miss-islington (miss-islington) Date: 2020-02-25 20:24
New changeset 1bbb81b251bcc8b05e0cd33cd36aef55481b13db by Miss Islington (bot) in branch '3.8':
bpo-38403: Update nuspec file for deprecated field and git repository (GH-18657)
msg362667 - (view) Author: Steve Dower (steve.dower) * (Python committer) Date: 2020-02-25 20:55
Not enough value fixing 3.7 and 2.7 at this stage - can't actively *break* the old format without spoiling half the repository, so I'm sure it'll be fine to leave them as they are for the last few uploads.
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