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Title: Documentation says destuction of TemporaryDirectory object will also delete it, but it does not.
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Created on 2019-09-27 19:45 by iarp, last changed 2022-04-11 14:59 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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msg353393 - (view) Author: Ian (iarp) Date: 2019-09-27 19:45
The documentation found here states the following

"On completion of the context or destruction of the temporary directory object the newly created temporary directory and all its contents are removed from the filesystem."

However calling del on the object does not call the cleanup method.

t = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory()
del t

I'm not sure if that is incorrect documentation or my own misunderstanding of what you call destruction. I tested adding my own def __del__(): self.cleanup() which worked as I expected.
msg353394 - (view) Author: Ammar Askar (ammar2) * (Python committer) Date: 2019-09-27 19:51
Hmm, I can't recreate this locally:

>>> import tempfile
>>> import os
>>> t = tempfile.TemporaryDirectory()
>>> temp_dir =
>>> os.path.exists(temp_dir)
>>> del t
>>> os.path.exists(temp_dir)

What version of Python are you using?
msg353425 - (view) Author: Ian (iarp) Date: 2019-09-27 22:57
I'm sorry, I should've thought to check my python version. I was on 3.6.3 which it would not be deleted, updated to 3.6.8 and it works as intended.
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