Title: http.cookies.SimpleCookie doesn't seem to be parsed using regulars
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msg347494 - (view) Author: MeiK (MeiK) * Date: 2019-07-08 12:00
In Python's built-in SimpleCookie[1], regular expressions are used to parse cookies, which seems to be a non-standard way.

I looked at the RFC documentation related to cookie resolution: rfc2109[2] and rfc6265[3], the former has been replaced by the latter. These documents stipulate that cookies should be split with a semicolon, just like http.cookiejar.parse_ns_headers[4].

But if we use the approach described in the documentation, then there will be a set of tests that fail[5].

>>> print(SimpleCookie('keebler="E=mc2; L=\\"Loves\\"; fudge=\\012;"’))
Set-Cookie: keebler="E=mc2; L=\"Loves\"; fudge=\012;"

>>> print(SimpleCookie('keebler="E=mc2; L=\\"Loves\\"; fudge=\\012;"’))
Set-Cookie: keebler="E=mc2

Is this a bug? Should it be modified?

English is not my native language; please excuse typing errors.

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