Title: make altinstall installs pydoc instead of pydoc3.0
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Components: Installation Versions: Python 3.0
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Dependencies: Superseder: "make altinstall" installs pydoc, idle,
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Created on 2008-09-01 07:38 by kune, last changed 2009-04-06 10:47 by ajaksu2. This issue is now closed.

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msg72219 - (view) Author: Uli Kunitz (kune) Date: 2008-09-01 07:38
make altinstall in Python3.0-b3 doesn't install pydoc as pydoc3.0.
Renaming pydoc to pydoc3.0 doesn't create any issues.
msg85634 - (view) Author: Daniel Diniz (ajaksu2) * (Python triager) Date: 2009-04-06 10:47
Closing as duplicate of issue 1590, which has a patch and some discussion.
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