Title: Core interpreter should be linked with on Linux
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msg346468 - (view) Author: Zack Weinberg (zwol) * Date: 2019-06-25 01:09
There are several existing issues (e.g. #18748 and #35866) where at least part of the problem is that GNU libc tried to dlopen() `` at a moment when that's not safe, e.g. during thread or process shutdown.  This converts a recoverable error into a deadlock or crash.

This is arguably a bug in glibc, but Python can easily work around it by linking the core interpreter (the `python` executable and/or ``) with libgcc_s at build time (`-lgcc_s`) on Linux.  It will then be loaded already if and when it's needed, and glibc won't try to load it on demand.

In order for this to be 100% reliable, it needs to be at least theoretically possible for code within the interpreter to call a function defined in `_Unwind_Backtrace` is probably the most practical option.  (See .)
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