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Title: asyncio: create_connection cannot handle IPv6 link-local addresses anymore (linux)
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Components: asyncio Versions: Python 3.7
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Created on 2019-02-21 19:13 by Leonardo Mörlein, last changed 2022-04-11 14:59 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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msg336253 - (view) Author: Leonardo Mörlein (Leonardo Mörlein) Date: 2019-02-21 19:13
The tuple (host, port) is ("fe80::5054:01ff:fe04:3402%node4_client", 22) in The substring "node4_client" identifies the interface, which is needed for link local connections.

The function self._ensure_resolved() is called and resolves to
infos[0][4] = ("fe80::5054:01ff:fe04:3402", 22, something, 93), where 93 is the resolved scope id (see sin6_scope_id from struct sockaddr_in6 from man ipv6).

Afterwards the self.sock_connect() is called with address = infos[0][4].   In self.sock_connect() the function self._ensure_resolved() is called again. In the scope id is stripped from the tuple. The tuple (host, port) is now only ("fe80::5054:01ff:fe04:3402", 22) and therefore the scope id is lost.

I wrote this quick fix, which is not really suitable as a real solution for the problem:

lemoer@orange ~> diff /usr/lib/python3.7/asyncio/{.bak,}
--- /usr/lib/python3.7/asyncio/	2019-02-21 18:42:17.060122277 +0100
+++ /usr/lib/python3.7/asyncio/	2019-02-21 18:49:36.886866750 +0100
@@ -942,8 +942,8 @@
                             sock = None
                     if self._debug:
-                        logger.debug("connect %r to %r", sock, address)
-                    await self.sock_connect(sock, address)
+                        logger.debug("connect %r to %r", sock, (host, port))
+                    await self.sock_connect(sock, (host, port))
                 except OSError as exc:
                     if sock is not None:
msg336254 - (view) Author: Leonardo Mörlein (Leonardo Mörlein) Date: 2019-02-21 19:16
The generated error is:

OSError: [Errno 22] Invalid argument
msg336255 - (view) Author: Leonardo Mörlein (Leonardo Mörlein) Date: 2019-02-21 19:28
It seems to be a regression, as my python 3.6 version is not affected:

lemoer@orange ~> python3.6 --version
Python 3.6.8

My python 3.7 version is affected:

lemoer@orange ~> python3.7 --version
Python 3.7.2
msg336281 - (view) Author: twisteroid ambassador (twisteroid ambassador) * Date: 2019-02-22 06:26
Duplicate of issue35545, I believe.
msg336284 - (view) Author: Leonardo Mörlein (Leonardo Mörlein) Date: 2019-02-22 08:05
Oh, you are correct. So this can be closed.
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