Title: Populating instances of class automatically
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msg330613 - (view) Author: Daugeras (Daugeras) Date: 2018-11-28 17:05
Hello, I am not sure it is a bug, but it is a very strange behavior of Python, which I do not understand.

I created a class (mainly a structure) and instantiated an object of this class in a first function (Object 1). The function populates Object 1.
In another function, I instantiate another object of the same class (Object 2) , and Object 2 is automatically populated with the data of Object 1. Note than Object 1 and Object 2 have different memory adresses.

This behavior is very strange. Is it normal for Python or is it a Bug ?
msg330614 - (view) Author: Geoffrey Spear (geoffreyspear) * Date: 2018-11-28 17:08
It's impossible to guess exactly what you did from your vague description instead of actual code, but it may be covered by this FAQ question:

(mutable objects as class rather than instance attributes will display similar behavior. This isn't a bug.)
msg330630 - (view) Author: Daugeras (Daugeras) Date: 2018-11-28 21:45
Hi Geoffrey,

Indeed you where right, this is not a bug.
The link you provided did solve my problem.
I declared classes with attributes as strings, lists, etc... and indeed it was the reason for the issue.
I changed it to instantiate the attributes in the __init__ method of the class, and it solved the problems.
Thanks again !!
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