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Title: sqlite3 get the connected database url
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msg330047 - (view) Author: Muhammed Alkan (midnio) Date: 2018-11-18 13:36
A feature for to get the connected database path or URL from connection object (sqlite3.Connection).
msg330048 - (view) Author: DamlaAltun (DamlaAltun) * Date: 2018-11-18 13:38
Yeah, that would be great enhancement
msg330049 - (view) Author: Berker Peksag (berker.peksag) * (Python committer) Date: 2018-11-18 14:09
Just to be sure, what do you want to do is

    import sqlite3

    conn = sqlite3.connect("foo.db")

    assert conn.database_path == "foo.db"


I don't think that's something worth to expose in the Connection object. What's your use case?
msg330050 - (view) Author: Muhammed Alkan (midnio) Date: 2018-11-18 14:32
The use case could be

- Using it to check if you're connected to
  correct database (as you know the mutability could change the connection)

- Getting the name, helping the developers while debugging.

- No more reasons :P
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