Title: Mistake in FAQ about converting number to string.
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Created on 2018-10-31 17:07 by grottrumsel, last changed 2019-02-19 14:47 by cheryl.sabella. This issue is now closed.

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PR 11911 merged matrixise, 2019-02-18 09:17
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msg329000 - (view) Author: Pawel (grottrumsel) Date: 2018-10-31 17:07
In this question:

There is a statement:
"{:.3f}".format(1/3) yields '0.333'


In [2]: "{:.3f}".format(1/3)
Out[2]: '0.000'

In [3]: "{:.3f}".format(1/3.0)
Out[3]: '0.333'
msg329015 - (view) Author: Pablo Galindo Salgado (pablogsal) * (Python committer) Date: 2018-10-31 20:25
Yep, this is incorrect in Python 2 unless `from __future__ import division` is imported at the beginning. Would you want to make a PR against the 2.7 branch to correct this?
msg335798 - (view) Author: Karthikeyan Singaravelan (xtreak) * (Python triager) Date: 2019-02-18 07:41
This is a good first issue. Python 3 docs uses `{:.3f}".format(1.0/3.0)` that was changed as part of 04d8a245f162b33e6c861ba0869918d9262be63e. Python 2 docs could be changed too to use floats that makes the example correct.
msg335800 - (view) Author: Stéphane Wirtel (matrixise) * (Python committer) Date: 2019-02-18 08:29
I am working on this issue.
msg335802 - (view) Author: Stéphane Wirtel (matrixise) * (Python committer) Date: 2019-02-18 09:18
Hi @xtreak,

I have just submitted a PR but where I explain the change with Python2/3 and the division operator.

Have a nice day,
msg335910 - (view) Author: miss-islington (miss-islington) Date: 2019-02-19 09:26
New changeset c611db4942a07c81f54e6584615bbddc51034a77 by Miss Islington (bot) (Stéphane Wirtel) in branch '2.7':
[2.7] bpo-35126: Fix a mistake in FAQ about converting number to string (GH-11911)
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