Title: include sqlite-3.25+ (with window functions)
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Created on 2018-10-06 17:29 by Big Stone, last changed 2018-10-09 19:43 by ronaldoussoren.

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msg327253 - (view) Author: Big Stone (Big Stone) Date: 2018-10-06 17:29
sqlite-3.25 now includes window functions, something very important in modern SQL.

Could it be included in next Python maintenance release ?
msg327387 - (view) Author: Ronald Oussoren (ronaldoussoren) * (Python committer) Date: 2018-10-09 09:40
To completely do this requires two things:

1) Upgrade SQLite included in a number of binary distributions

2) Update the sqlite extension to allow creating custom window functions in Python

The latter is definitely something that cannot be done in a maintenance release. The former is up to the release managers.
msg327429 - (view) Author: Big Stone (Big Stone) Date: 2018-10-09 18:19
hum. On Windows at least, just drop-in replace the sqlite3.dll per the new sqlite-3.25 dll and the window functions just works.
==> I don't see the need for your latter point, at least on Windows.

checked with sqlite_bro on Python-3.6.7rc1 with example:
CREATE TABLE t2(a, b);
INSERT INTO t2 VALUES('a', 'one'), 
                     ('a', 'two'), 
                     ('a', 'three'), 
                     ('b', 'four'), 
                     ('c', 'five'), 
                     ('c', 'six');
SELECT a                        AS a,
       row_number() OVER win    AS row_number,
       rank() OVER win          AS rank,
       dense_rank() OVER win    AS dense_rank,
       percent_rank() OVER win  AS percent_rank,
       cume_dist() OVER win     AS cume_dist
msg327433 - (view) Author: Ronald Oussoren (ronaldoussoren) * (Python committer) Date: 2018-10-09 19:43
My latter points makes it possible to define custom windowing functions in Python, similar to how it is already possible to define other SQLite functions in Python.
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