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Title: smtplib does not fully support IPv6 in EHLO
Type: behavior Stage: test needed
Components: email, Library (Lib) Versions: Python 3.10, Python 3.9, Python 3.8
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Assigned To: Nosy List: barry, dmorr, giampaolo.rodola, r.david.murray
Priority: normal Keywords: patch

Created on 2008-07-28 22:08 by dmorr, last changed 2022-04-11 14:56 by admin.

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python_smtplib.patch dmorr, 2008-07-28 22:08 review
smtplib.patch dmorr, 2010-07-05 02:27 review
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msg70372 - (view) Author: Derek Morr (dmorr) Date: 2008-07-28 22:08
On an IPv6-only machine, smtplib does not send an IPv6 address in the 
EHLO. It sends "EHLO []" instead. For example, on a v6-only 
network with stateless autoconfiguration enabled (a common 
configuration), smtplib will show this error.

Further, SMTP's __init__() method tries to determine the value of EHLO 
parameter before the socket is established. But it can't know what 
value to use before the socket is setup (e.g., should it use a 
hostname, a v4 address literal, or a v6 address literal).

The attached patch moves the self.local_hostname processing into the 
connect() method, and updates it to use IPv6-aware resolver interfaces.
msg109271 - (view) Author: Mark Lawrence (BreamoreBoy) * Date: 2010-07-04 22:22
I intended testing this but the patch file appears to have a dangling else at the bottom, or am I missing something?
msg109288 - (view) Author: Derek Morr (dmorr) Date: 2010-07-05 02:27
You're right. My mistake when I made the patch. I've attached a new one without the trailing else
msg109414 - (view) Author: Mark Lawrence (BreamoreBoy) * Date: 2010-07-06 18:15
Ran for Python 2.7 and 3.1.2 on Windows Vista all tests passed.
msg109422 - (view) Author: R. David Murray (r.david.murray) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-07-06 20:32
The patch still needs unit tests.
msg110133 - (view) Author: Derek Morr (dmorr) Date: 2010-07-12 20:23
I'm not sure how to best write a unit test for this. The patch should only be invoked if the client doesn't have a name-served hostname and has IPv6 enabled. Also, there are several IPv4-isms in the smtplib tests.
msg110137 - (view) Author: Giampaolo Rodola' (giampaolo.rodola) * (Python committer) Date: 2010-07-12 20:52
You might want to take a look at Lib/test/ which contains IPv6 tests including the necessary logic to decide whether or not running them.
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