Title: parse failed for mutibytes characters, encode will show in \xxx
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msg318039 - (view) Author: zhou.ronghua (zhou.ronghua) * Date: 2018-05-29 14:29
when type this command in windows(xp or win7, all the same):
python -m json.tool xxx.txt xxx.json
if xxx.txt contains Chinese(or other multibytes characters):
if xxx.txt is encoded in ansi, xxx.json will encode Chinese as \xxx, very bad to see what they are;
if xxx.txt is encoded in utf8(without bom for most of the time), because with no bom, json.tool will think it is encoded in ansi, and decode fail.

as now, utf8 is widely use, set default to utf8 for most of the time when auto detect encoding failed
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