Title: Documentation for PowerShell instructions
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msg315690 - (view) Author: Steve Piercy (stevepiercy) * Date: 2018-04-24 07:44
Effective 2017-11-20, PowerShell is now the default command shell on Windows 10, and possibly other versions.  Command Prompt (cmd.exe) is still present, just no longer the default.

Current instructions for installing and configuring Python on Windows reference only Command Prompt.  There may be other places.

FYI, we're in the process of updating our documentation for Pyramid where we have both PowerShell and Command Prompt.  At some point in the future, we may drop the latter.

Let me know what y'all think is the best way to proceed, even if that is no action.
msg315722 - (view) Author: Steve Piercy (stevepiercy) * Date: 2018-04-25 11:05
After reviewing PowerShell syntax, I found it is impractical to support in Pyramid's documentation.  The discussion we had may be useful.
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