Title: multiprocessing won't utilize all of platform resources
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msg314600 - (view) Author: yanir hainick (yanirh) Date: 2018-03-28 14:56
I'm using either multiprocessing package or concurrent.futures for some embarrassingly parallel application.

I performed a simple test: basically making n_jobs calls for a simple function - 'sum(list(range(n)))', with n large enough so that the operation is a few seconds long - where n_jobs > n_logical_cores.

Tried it on two platforms:

first platform:
server with X4 Intel Xeon E5-4620 (8 physical, 16 logical), running 
a 64bit Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard.


second platform:
server with X2 Intel Xeon Gold 6138 (20 physical, 40 logical), running a 64bit Windows Server 2016 Standard.


first platform reaches 100% utilization.
second platform reaches 25% utilization.
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