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Title: Problem of consistency in documentation
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msg310422 - (view) Author: Yahya Abou Imran (yahya-abou-imran) * Date: 2018-01-22 14:28
Opened after was closed.


Some abstract methods are inherited from a superclass.
Most of the time the name of the method is mentioned in the subclass.

For example:

Collection inherit from Sized, Iterable and Contains.
But __len__, __iter__ and __contains__ are mentioned, even if they are inherited.

Mapping inherits from Collection, but __len__ and __iter__ appears in the table

There is one exception: Coroutine.
It inherits from Awaitable but we don't see __await__.

What would we do? Let all appear or not?
msg310683 - (view) Author: Yahya Abou Imran (yahya-abou-imran) * Date: 2018-01-25 16:10
There is another one:

Reversible list __reversed__ in the abstract method but inherits __iter__ from Iterable.

So there is definitely an inconsistency...
msg350251 - (view) Author: Raymond Hettinger (rhettinger) * (Python committer) Date: 2019-08-23 06:24
The table is correct.  See the interactive session below for confirmation.  I think the source of your confusion is that some of the more complex ABCs are able to generate some of the required methods from the ones that are listed (for example, Mapping is able to automatically create __contains__ from __getitem__, so the former is not listed as a required abstract method).

>>> Container.__abstractmethods__
>>> Hashable.__abstractmethods__
>>> Iterable.__abstractmethods__
>>> Reversible.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'__reversed__', '__iter__'})
>>> Generator.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'send', 'throw'})
>>> Sized.__abstractmethods__
>>> Callable.__abstractmethods__
>>> Collection.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'__iter__', '__len__', '__contains__'})
>>> Sequence.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'__getitem__', '__len__'})
>>> MutableSequence.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'insert', '__getitem__', '__len__', '__delitem__', '__setitem__'})
>>> ByteString.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'__getitem__', '__len__'})
>>> Set.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'__iter__', '__len__', '__contains__'})
>>> MutableSet.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'add', '__len__', '__iter__', 'discard', '__contains__'})
>>> Mapping.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'__getitem__', '__iter__', '__len__'})
>>> MutableMapping.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'__getitem__', '__len__', '__iter__', '__delitem__', '__setitem__'})
>>> MappingView.__abstractmethods__
>>> ItemsView.__abstractmethods__
>>> KeysView.__abstractmethods__
>>> ValuesView.__abstractmethods__
>>> Awaitable.__abstractmethods__
>>> Coroutine.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'send', 'throw', '__await__'})
>>> AsyncIterable.__abstractmethods__
>>> AsyncIterator.__abstractmethods__
>>> AsyncGenerator.__abstractmethods__
frozenset({'athrow', 'asend'})
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