Title: System Integrity Protection breaks shutil.copystat()
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msg308479 - (view) Author: Ryan Govostes (Ryan Govostes) * Date: 2017-12-16 16:45
On macOS, shutil.copystat() uses chflags() to try to copy filesystem flags from the source to destination.

In recent years, Apple introduced System Integrity Protection, which prevents modification of system files. These files have the non-standard SF_RESTRICTED flag set, which only the superuser can set.

Thus, unprivileged users can no longer use shutil.copy2() et al. to copy system files, which is a regression from previous releases of the OS.

It's unclear what the correct behavior should be: It some cases, it would be desirable to attempt to copy the bit.

It might be informative to look at the behavior of Apple's `copyfile_stat` function, which unsets these two flags:

    * File flags that are not preserved when copying stat information.

This was also filed to Apple as rdar://36090921
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