Title: version install 3.6.3 hangs in test_socket
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Components: Installation Versions: Python 3.6
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Created on 2017-11-20 05:25 by Raúl Alvarez, last changed 2021-06-22 21:56 by iritkatriel. This issue is now closed.

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msg306526 - (view) Author: Raúl Alvarez (Raúl Alvarez) Date: 2017-11-20 05:25
I'm trying to install python 3.6.3 from sources in Fedora 3.19.8-100.fc20.x86_64+debug x86_64 GNU/Linux, I did ./configure, then run make as normal user and then as root, in these two cases the installation hangs over more than 6 hours with no progress in step 298/405: 

0:14:02 load avg: 1.32 [298/405] test_socket

I can interrupt the process pressing CTRL-C, then the screen shows me: 

test_subprocess test_sunau test_sundry test_super test_symbol
    test_symtable test_syntax test_sys test_sys_setprofile
    test_sys_settrace test_sysconfig test_syslog test_tarfile test_tcl
    test_telnetlib test_tempfile test_textwrap test_thread
    test_threaded_import test_threadedtempfile test_threading
    test_threading_local test_threadsignals test_time test_timeit
    test_timeout test_tix test_tk test_tokenize test_tools test_trace
    test_traceback test_tracemalloc test_ttk_guionly test_ttk_textonly
    test_tuple test_turtle test_typechecks test_typing test_ucn
    test_unary test_unicode test_unicode_file
    test_unicode_file_functions test_unicode_identifiers
    test_unicodedata test_univnewlines test_unpack test_unpack_ex
    test_urllib test_urllib2 test_urllib2_localnet test_urllib2net
    test_urllib_response test_urllibnet test_urlparse test_userdict
    test_userlist test_userstring test_utf8source test_uu test_uuid
    test_venv test_wait3 test_wait4 test_warnings test_wave
    test_weakref test_weakset test_webbrowser test_winconsoleio
    test_winreg test_winsound test_with test_wsgiref test_xdrlib
    test_xml_dom_minicompat test_xml_etree test_xml_etree_c
    test_xmlrpc test_xmlrpc_net test_yield_from test_zipapp
    test_zipfile test_zipfile64 test_zipimport test_zipimport_support

Total duration: 449 min 55 sec
Tests result: FAILURE
make: *** [profile-opt] Interrupción
msg396366 - (view) Author: Irit Katriel (iritkatriel) * (Python committer) Date: 2021-06-22 21:56
There isn't enough information here to know what the cause was, and version 3.6 is no longer maintained. So I am closing the issue and request that you create a new one if you are seeing this problem on a current version (3.9+).
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