Title: 2.7.14 does not uninstall cleanly if installation was run as SYSTEM account (SCCM)
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msg306359 - (view) Author: Sven Pagel (niemalsnever) Date: 2017-11-16 13:39
If I install Python 2.7.14 on Windows (using the MSI) using the SYSTEM account, as is done by SCCM, uninstalling fails to clean up the registry so Python is still showing up as installed in the control panel (and still detected by SCCM).

SCCM runs the following command line to install Python:
    msiexec /i "python-2.7.14.amd64.msi" ADDLOCAL=ALL /qn

For uninstallation I use the following command line:
    msiexec /x {0398A685-FD8D-46B3-9816-C47319B0CF5F}

Both are run as the SYSTEM account.
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