Title: Pickling deadlocks in thread with python -m
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msg305953 - (view) Author: Werner Smidt (Werner Smidt) Date: 2017-11-09 10:14
Hi there

I recently stumbled on an interesting behaviour.  I won't call it an error, because I think it's a mistake I made.  

BACKGROUND: I want to spawn threads that handle pickled data.  This works really well. However, I would like to execute the python script in question as a module, i.e. python -m mymodule. This is merely for aesthetic purposes.

The attached script has two functions:
1. Pickle/unpickle an instance of a `namedtuple`
2. Pickle/unpickle a string

Each of these functions are run in the main thread and then in subsequent spawned threads. 

If I run the script attached with "python", it works fine.  I get the data pickled/unpickled in the respective functions and nothing deadlocks and everything is printed to screen. If, however, I run it with the "-m" option (python -m , the program deadlocks at the pickling of the "namedtuple" instance. The pickling/unpickling of the string appears to be unaffected. 

Programming practices aside, what do you think could be the cause of this?
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