Title: os.path.samefile fails on windows network drive
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Components: Windows Versions: Python 3.5
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Created on 2017-09-14 12:12 by Daniel Sauer, last changed 2017-09-14 12:12 by Daniel Sauer.

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msg302170 - (view) Author: Daniel Sauer (Daniel Sauer) Date: 2017-09-14 12:12
On my Windows network drive os.path.samefile() seems to return True regardless of input paths. In my case this results in an error trying to save checkpoints of jupyter notebooks on this drive.
I am using Windows 7, my working directory is located on a network drive that is offline-available (CSC cache).
Tracing this problem back it seems to have something to do with nt._getfinalpathname() reporting a wrong result.
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