Title: pdb lacks debugger command to list and show all user-defined variables
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msg298398 - (view) Author: David Rieger (David Rieger) * Date: 2017-07-15 15:44
IPython's "who" and "whos" command provide a way to list all user-defined variables and inspect them, respectively.

At the moment, a way to work around this would be by either using e.g. "pp locals()" to list all local variables, this would however also display non-user-owned variables which makes the output less readable. 
Another option would be to open an ipython shell inside the pdb shell, this is however unintuitive, just to achieve such a simple task.

pdb should offer a "who" command to list the names of all user-owned variables and a "whos" command to list all variables including their type and the assigned value, as known from ipython.
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