Title: Document that print/format_exception ignore etype
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Created on 2017-02-27 01:21 by mbussonn, last changed 2017-05-17 20:45 by Mariatta.

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msg288617 - (view) Author: Matthias Bussonnier (mbussonn) * Date: 2017-02-27 01:21
As far as I can tell, made a couple of function in traceback ignore their first arguments (etype) and infer the type from the second one (evalue). 

(In git 6bc2c1e7 and 2f0441f0 respectively).

At least print_exception and format_exception are affected.

This likely affect (who wish to expand same API to remove these parameters).

And inconsistency with `format_exception_only` which does need `etype` should be checked. 

If etype is a deprecated parameter it should be noted, and should likely raise a DeprecationWarning as well when set.
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