Title: subprocess.communicate with timeout 0 and already terminated process generates TimeoutExpired on Linux
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msg287230 - (view) Author: Maurice van der Pot (Griffon26) Date: 2017-02-07 11:57
This only happens when:
- timeout is small enough
- at least one stream is redirected to a PIPE

When I know for certain that a subprocess has already terminated and I call communicate to retrieve its results with a timeout of 0 (or other small enough value), communicate will always return TimeoutExpired.

The cause is that the check on timeout is done before the ready file descriptors are checked: With a small enough timeout, communicate will never check the file descriptors for EOF.

From a user perspective I would expect to be able to use communicate(timeout=0) to get the output for a process that I know has already terminated or to poll without blocking.

Is this the intended behaviour of communicate or is it a bug? To me this behaviour is surprising.
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