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Title: installation not listed for all users
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Components: Installation, Windows Versions: Python 3.6
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msg286880 - (view) Author: Mike (mray) Date: 2017-02-03 17:48
When installing Python 3.6 using the official installer and selecting "install for all users" from an account with admin privileges, the installation completes successfully and it shows in the list of installed programs for that user. However, because it's installation key is written into HKEY_CURRENT_USER, it is listed as installed program only for the user that ran the installation.

While Python still seems to run from another account, it is not listed as an installed program for the other user.

In the "install for all users" case, it should be registered in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE, instead of HKEY_CURRENT_USER.
msg286882 - (view) Author: Steve Dower (steve.dower) * (Python committer) Date: 2017-02-03 18:25
Thanks, this is the same as issue25166.

In short, we need a significant update to the WiX framework before this can be enabled, and so far the core WiX developers are not interested in doing it. I've been working on a patch, but it's actually fairly complicated to get right and I haven't managed it yet.
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