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Title: [Patch] Stop using inet_ntoa() when possible.
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patch-inet_ntoa.diff EdSchouten, 2016-11-05 11:37 Patch for socketmodule to use inet_ntop() when available review
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msg280109 - (view) Author: Ed Schouten (EdSchouten) * Date: 2016-11-05 11:37
Modern C code should use inet_ntop()/inet_pton() as opposed to inet_addr()/inet_aton()/inet_ntoa().

Though the former functions may typically act as drop-in replacements for the latter, the inet_addr()/inet_aton() functions still have the advantage over inet_pton() of allowing you to parse IPv4 addresses that don't use the dotted quad notation (e.g. '0x0a000001' for

There is no difference between inet_ntop() and inet_ntoa(), as they both always print the address in dotted quad form. inet_ntop() does have the advantage of being thread-safe, as inet_ntoa() uses internal storage for the return value. In other words, we'd better not use inet_ntoa() at all.

Attached is a patch for Python's socketmodule that changes the existing call to inet_ntoa() to use inet_ntop() when available. This has the advantage of fixing the build on CloudABI (, which intentionally omits any APIs that are thread-unsafe.
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