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Title: Ship python35.lib with the embedded distribution, please
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Components: Installation Versions: Python 3.6, Python 3.5
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Created on 2016-02-12 13:27 by Thomas Führinger, last changed 2022-04-11 14:58 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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msg260176 - (view) Author: Thomas Führinger (Thomas Führinger) Date: 2016-02-12 13:27
I would like to use the new embedded distribution and load-time link to python35.dll. It would make things a lot easier if you could also include python35.lib in the file
msg260245 - (view) Author: Steve Dower (steve.dower) * (Python committer) Date: 2016-02-13 18:21
It shouldn't make any difference as the lib file is not needed at runtime.

While developing your app, you should use a regular installation to make sure you have all the header files you need. The embeddable distro is for runtime.
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