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Title: Windows build error using original openssl source
Type: compile error Stage: resolved
Components: Build Versions: Python 2.7
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Created on 2015-04-15 12:20 by anselm.kruis, last changed 2022-04-11 14:58 by admin. This issue is now closed.

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2.7-build_ssl.patch anselm.kruis, 2015-04-15 12:20 Patch for 2.7 review
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msg241096 - (view) Author: Anselm Kruis (anselm.kruis) * Date: 2015-04-15 12:20
I just had an issue rebuilding 2.7.9 with openssl-1.0.1m. Because this openssl version is not yet available from, I used the original source from
Of course Perl is installed.


The build fails, because the created makefile ms/nt.mak contains rules for excluded ciphers ("RC5", "MDC2", "IDEA"). The documentation in PCbuild/readme.txt anticipates a similar compile error: "You may have to manually remove $(OBJ_D)\i_*.obj from ms\nt.mak if the build process complains about missing files or forbidden IDEA."

Obviously manual patching of ms\nt.mak is inconvenient. A clean solution: invoke the openssl Configure script with appropriate arguments:

perl Configure no-rc5 no-mdc2 no-idea ...

The attached patch changes PCbuild/ to add the no-xxx args  to the Configure command line.

Python 3.x already contains a similar fix (changeset bcf93e3766e8).
msg246788 - (view) Author: Roundup Robot (python-dev) (Python triager) Date: 2015-07-16 04:33
New changeset d1f4d14bd550 by Zachary Ware in branch '2.7':
Close #23963: Fix building with original OpenSSL sources.
msg246789 - (view) Author: Zachary Ware (zach.ware) * (Python committer) Date: 2015-07-16 04:34
bcf93e3766e8 applied cleanly to 2.7, so I just used it.

Thanks for the report, and sorry it took so long to fix!
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