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Title: error in some byte sizes of docs in array module
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Components: Documentation Versions: Python 2.7
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msg240466 - (view) Author: Boyd Blackwell (bdb112) Date: 2015-04-11 08:03
See 8.6. array — Efficient arrays of numeric values¶

I think these two table entries should list 4 instead of 2, at least for 64 python.
The error is currently in 2.710rc0, but also in previous versions.
also in 3.4.3, presumably some previous versions
it might also be argued that the column heading should not but minimum size but simply Element Size (bytes)

'i'	signed int	int	2
'I'	unsigned int	long	2

import array

a = array.array('I')
#array('I', [67305985L])  # one element as expected (4 bytes, 4 bytes/elt)

a = array.array('H')
#array('H', [513, 1027])  # two elements as expected (4 bytes, 2 bytes/elt)
msg240467 - (view) Author: Stefan Behnel (scoder) * (Python committer) Date: 2015-04-11 08:31
As noted below the table, the exact size is platform specific, so the current documentation is correct in stating a "minimum size in bytes" of "2" for int.

IMHO, close as "not a bug" as it works as documented.
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