Title: allow to break into pdb with Ctrl-C for all the commands that resume execution
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Created on 2014-08-04 20:44 by xdegaye, last changed 2019-05-12 21:23 by Chun-Yu Tseng.

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fix-cc-and-add-tests.patch Chun-Yu Tseng, 2016-12-15 12:15 review
fix-cc-and-add-tests-v2.patch Chun-Yu Tseng, 2016-12-16 19:14 review
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msg224772 - (view) Author: Xavier de Gaye (xdegaye) * (Python triager) Date: 2014-08-04 20:44
Pdb sets a handler for the SIGINT signal (which is sent when the user presses Ctrl-C on the console) when you give a continue command.
'continue' is not the only pdb command that may be interrupted, all the commands that resume the execution of the program (i.e. the 'do_xxx' Pdb methods that return 1), except for the ones that terminate pdb, should also set the SIGINT signal handler. These are the 'step', 'next', 'until' and 'return' commands.
For example, a 'next' command issued at the invocation of a function when the function is doing a long processing and the user wishes to break into pdb again with Ctrl-C within this function.

It is probably better to fix this issue after issue 20766 is fixed.
msg283293 - (view) Author: Chun-Yu Tseng (Chun-Yu Tseng) * Date: 2016-12-15 12:15
Here comes the patch:

1. Let Pdb can also resume from `return`, `until` and `next` commands when receiving Control-C.

2. Explicitly raise `bdb.BdbQuit` when an unexpected exception occurs in `sigint_handler`. See #24283.

3. Add two tests `test_break_during_interactive_input`, `test_resume_from_sigint` and some helper functions to `` to make sure that Pdb behaves as we expected.
See below, Pdb resumes back in a wrong position when receiving Control-C.  The environment is Python 3.5.2 (Mac).  But Pdb works right in latest 3.5/3.6/default now. So we should have tests here.
(Pdb) list
  1      import time
  2      def f():
  3          import pdb; pdb.Pdb().set_trace();
  4  ->        delay()
  5          print("***** f() done *****")
  7      def delay():
  8          time.sleep(3)
  (Pdb) c
Program interrupted. (Use 'cont' to resume).
> /usr/local/var/pyenv/versions/3.5.2/lib/python3.5/
-> @_wraps(_signal.signal)

What this patch does NOT do are:

1. Let Pdb can resume from `step` command.
I tried by the same way like what I did for `continue/return/until/next` commands, but Pdb resumed back at the beginning of `sigint_handler`. The user should type in `continue` to go to the right place. I can't find an elegant way to work around it:
-> time.sleep(3)
(Pdb) s
> /Users/chun-yutseng/Projects/cpython/Lib/
-> def sigint_handler(self, signum, frame):
(Pdb) l
184              self.commands_defining = False # True while in the process of defining
185                                             # a command list
186              self.commands_bnum = None # The breakpoint number for which we are
187                                        # defining a list
189  ->        def sigint_handler(self, signum, frame):
190              if self.allow_kbdint:
191                  raise KeyboardInterrupt
192              try:
193                  self.message("\nProgram interrupted.")

2. Let the two added tests can be run on Windows.
I tried, but when I found that I may need to use Windows-specific signals (CTRL_C_EVENT/CTRL_BREAK_EVENT) in `` to let automated tests pass, I decided not to introduce such complexity.
So I use `@unittest.skipIf` to skip these two tests and tested the patch on Windows manually.

Call for review/advice/guides, please.
msg283330 - (view) Author: Xavier de Gaye (xdegaye) * (Python triager) Date: 2016-12-15 15:47
Thanks for the patch. See my comments in Rietveld.
I think we can skip the 'step' command.
For the tests, can you use the existing run_pdb() method and trigger the signals from within the code being executed with 'os.kill(os.getpid(), signal.SIGINT |  signal.CTRL_C_EVENT)', this would avoid having to sleep on delays.
msg283428 - (view) Author: Chun-Yu Tseng (Chun-Yu Tseng) * Date: 2016-12-16 19:14
Appreciate for your quick response. I have already left the reply in Rietveld.

I have uploaded a new patch with revised tests. In fact, the tests I wrote in the first patch are based on the style of `` in #7245 . But I am sure that now the new tests are better than the old because they run faster and source code looks simpler. (Note that these tests are still skipped to run on Windows)

Please tell me what can I do next :)
msg284820 - (view) Author: Chun-Yu Tseng (Chun-Yu Tseng) * Date: 2017-01-06 14:28
Ping :)
msg284829 - (view) Author: Xavier de Gaye (xdegaye) * (Python triager) Date: 2017-01-06 16:08
The code review of your first patch still applies to your last patch.
msg340538 - (view) Author: daniel hahler (blueyed) * Date: 2019-04-19 10:53
Would be nice to have this indeed.
Please consider creating a PR with an updated patch then for easier review.
msg340734 - (view) Author: Chun-Yu Tseng (Chun-Yu Tseng) * Date: 2019-04-23 15:37
My bad, I totally forget this patch. Need to spend some time to retest my code and catch up with current development flow. Thanks for reminding.
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