Title: py-bt, py-locals, etc. GDB commands fail with output-radix 16
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msg177105 - (view) Author: Mark Shroyer (mshroyer) * Date: 2012-12-07 18:04
When debugging a Python process in GDB with output-radix 16, the py-bt, py-locals, py-value, etc. commands from fail with messages like "(unable to read python frame information)".

The problem comes down to the int_from_int function attempting to convert its string argument from a base-10 integer representation, even if that string is something like "0xf".  The attached patch fixes this.
msg177106 - (view) Author: Mark Shroyer (mshroyer) * Date: 2012-12-07 18:07
Example of GDB session exhibiting this error:

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