Title: argparse help formatter does not honor non-breaking space
Type: behavior Stage: needs patch
Components: Library (Lib) Versions: Python 2.7
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Created on 2012-12-05 22:03 by roysmith, last changed 2017-01-17 14:08 by peter.otten.

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msg177012 - (view) Author: Roy Smith (roysmith) Date: 2012-12-05 22:03
Running this code:

import argparse

p = argparse.ArgumentParser()
               help=u'This is a very long help string.  ex: "--s3\u00A0s3://my.bucket/dir1/dir2"')


$ ./  --help
usage: [-h] [--foo FOO]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help  show this help message and exit
  --foo FOO   This is a very long help string. ex: "--s3

It should not be breaking the line at a non-breaking space.  I'm running:

Python 2.7.3 (default, Aug  1 2012, 05:14:39) 
[GCC 4.6.3] on linux2
msg222931 - (view) Author: Mark Lawrence (BreamoreBoy) * Date: 2014-07-13 14:26
The example code works fine using 3.4.1 and 3.5.0a0 on Windows 7.
msg222981 - (view) Author: paul j3 (paul.j3) * (Python triager) Date: 2014-07-13 23:58
The issue here is how `textwrap` handles the non-breaking space.  That's being address here: textwrap: Non-breaking space not honored

Temporarily an `argparse` user can get around it with `formatter_class=argparse.RawTextHelpFormatter`.  That suppresses all automatic wrapping, so it's not perfect.
msg285612 - (view) Author: Xiang Zhang (xiang.zhang) * (Python committer) Date: 2017-01-17 06:09
#29290 reports the same problem as here.
msg285613 - (view) Author: Xiang Zhang (xiang.zhang) * (Python committer) Date: 2017-01-17 06:13
Ahh, sorry. I made a mistake. It's not the same as 29290. This is about 2.7. Although #20491 is closed but 2.7 seems not patched. Nosy Serhiy.
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