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Title: devguide doc: ./python.exe on OS X
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msg144298 - (view) Author: Steven Samuel Cole (ssc) Date: 2011-09-19 16:38
it says in the last paragraph of the chapter at

[...] ./python.exe on OS X [...]

.exe seems to indicate that should probably be './python.exe on Windows'
msg144299 - (view) Author: Ezio Melotti (ezio.melotti) * (Python committer) Date: 2011-09-19 16:40
I believe it's ./python.exe on OS X.  I'm not sure about Windows, maybe it's just python.exe there.
msg144300 - (view) Author: Steven Samuel Cole (ssc) Date: 2011-09-19 16:44
i've gone through the process of checking out and building python as described in the devguide; it seems the python executable is indeed called python.exe under mac osx. i find this confusing.

a comment on the reason for this unusual suffix would be great, but an added "(sic!)" would already indicate this is not an erroneous mixup of OS names (as i initially assumed).
msg144301 - (view) Author: R. David Murray (r.david.murray) * (Python committer) Date: 2011-09-19 16:44
It is python.exe on OS/X, which I've always found most odd.  The reason is that the OS/X filesystem is case insensitive by default, and there is a directory named 'Python'.
msg144302 - (view) Author: Steven Samuel Cole (ssc) Date: 2011-09-19 17:37
from my observations, david is correct, but this is not limited to os x. i have checked out and rebuilt python twice on a linux system (kubuntu 10.10 i386 virtual machine):

1. in a 'conventional' setup using a local (i.e. guest) harddrive formatted with a case-sensitive file system such as ext4, the built executable is called 'python' as one would expect.

2. in my setup mounting the source code folder from a cifs/samba share provided by the host, the executable is called 'python.exe': samba is not case sensitive.

once you know about case sensitivity and python / Python, the sentence in the docs makes absolute sense. before that, it looks like someone has mixed up os names.

suggestion for a rephrase: instead of

"Once CPython is done building you will then have a working build that can be run in-place; ./python on most machines (and what is used in all examples), ./python.exe on OS X (when on a case-insensitive filesystem, which is the default)."

"Once CPython is done building you will then have a working build that can be run in-place; ./python on most machines (and what is used in all examples), ./python.exe wherever a case-insensitive filesystem is used (e.g. the OS X default setting)."
msg144391 - (view) Author: Roundup Robot (python-dev) (Python triager) Date: 2011-09-21 21:07
New changeset 9363db42626a by Ezio Melotti in branch 'default':
#13010: explain why the python executable has an .exe extension on OS X.
msg144392 - (view) Author: Ezio Melotti (ezio.melotti) * (Python committer) Date: 2011-09-21 21:09
Fixed, thanks for the report and the suggestion!
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