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Title: bsddb3 build problems on FreeBSD (2.4 + 2.5)
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Components: Build Versions: Python 2.4
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Created on 2005-02-22 13:10 by aimacintyre, last changed 2022-04-11 14:56 by admin. This issue is now closed.

File name Uploaded Description Edit aimacintyre, 2005-02-22 13:10 patch to correct bsddb3 build problems on FreeBSD
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msg47840 - (view) Author: Andrew I MacIntyre (aimacintyre) * (Python triager) Date: 2005-02-22 13:10
FreeBSD's ports system has another variation on naming
the Sleepcat DB library.

The attached patch adds support for this naming
variation.  The patch is actually for CVS head, but
applies to the 2.4 maintenance branch (with an offset).

In my particular case, my FreeBSD box has both DB 4.1
and DB 4.0 installed; the build was finding the 4.1
headers and compiling against them, but then linking to
the 4.0 library. In consequence, all the tests which
depend on the _bsddb module (test_anydbm, test_bsddb,
test_bsddb185, test_shelve, test_whichdb) were failing
or dumping core.

This patch (or something with similar effect) should be
applied in time for 2.4.1 in my opinion (I could do
that, but would like the release manager's approval).
msg47841 - (view) Author: Andrew I MacIntyre (aimacintyre) * (Python triager) Date: 2005-03-09 22:34
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applied as version (2.4) / 1.216 (head)
msg47842 - (view) Author: Georg Brandl (georg.brandl) * (Python committer) Date: 2005-03-14 15:33
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Should this be closed, then?
msg47843 - (view) Author: Gregory P. Smith (gregory.p.smith) * (Python committer) Date: 2006-01-24 20:01
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closing, looks like this was already applied.
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