Confirmed regressions:

2.7 alpha 1

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #1923: Fixed the removal of meaningful spaces when PKG-INFO is generated
  in Distutils. Patch by Stephen Emslie.

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #4120: Drop reference to CRT from manifest when building extensions with

- Issue #7408: Fixed distutils.tests.sdist so it doesn't check for group
  ownership when the group is not forced, because the group may be different
  from the user's group and inherit from its container when the test is run.

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #7354: distutils.tests.test_msvc9compiler - dragfullwindows can be 2.

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #7293: ``distutils.test_msvc9compiler`` is fixed to work on any fresh
  Windows box.  Help provided by David Bolen.

[confirmed missing]
- Issue #1180: Added a new global option to ignore ~/.pydistutils.cfg in

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #7071: byte-compilation in Distutils is now done with respect to

[Confirmed missing]
- Issue #6516: Added owner/group support when creating tar archives in

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #6954: Fixed crash when using DISTUTILS_DEBUG flag in Distutils.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #6163: Fixed HP-UX runtime library dir options in
  distutils.unixcompiler.  Initial patch by Sridhar Ratnakumar and Michael

[not present in 3.x]
- Issue #4937: plat-mac/bundlebuilder refers to non-existing version.plist.

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #6545: Removed assert statements in distutils.Extension, so the behavior
  is similar when used with -O.

[confirmed missing]
- Issue #6466: Now distutils.cygwinccompiler and distutils.emxccompiler uses the
  same refactored function to get gcc/ld/dllwrap versions numbers.  It's
  ``distutils.util.get_compiler_versions()``.  Added deprecation warnings for
  the obsolete get_versions() functions.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #6455: Fixed test_build_ext under win32.

[not present in 3.x]
- Issue #6377: Enabled the compiler option, and deprecate its usage as an

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #6413: Fixed the log level in distutils.dist for announce.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #6403: Fixed package path usage in build_ext.

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #6365: Distutils build_ext inplace mode was copying the compiled
  extension in a subdirectory if the extension name had dots.

[not in Lib/]
- Issue #6287: Added the license field in Distutils documentation.

[not present in 3.x]
- Issue #6286: Now Distutils upload command is based on urllib2 instead of
  httplib, allowing the usage of http_proxy.

[commited in 3.0]
- Issue #6258: Support AMD64 in bdist_msi.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #6263: Fixed syntax error in distutils.cygwincompiler.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5201: distutils.sysconfig.parse_makefile() now understands ``$$`` in
  Makefiles.  This prevents compile errors when using syntax like:
  ``LDFLAGS='-rpath=\$$LIB:/some/other/path'``.  Patch by Floris Bruynooghe.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #6048: Now Distutils uses the tarfile module in archive_util.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5311: bdist_msi can now build packages that do not depend on a specific
  Python version.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #6062: In distutils, fixed the package option of build_ext.  Feedback
  and tests on pywin32 by Tim Golden.

[present in 3.1a1]
- Issue #6053: Fixed distutils tests on win32.  Patch by Hirokazu Yamamoto.

[present in 3.1a1]
- Issue #6046: Fixed the library extension when distutils build_ext is used in
  place.  Initial patch by Roumen Petrov.

[present in 3.x]
- Issue #6041: Now distutils `sdist` and `register` commands use `check` as a

[present in 3.x]
- Issue #6022: A test file was created in the current working directory by
  test_get_outputs in Distutils.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5977: distutils build_ext.get_outputs was not taking into account the
  inplace option.  Initial patch by kxroberto.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5976: Fixed Distutils test_check_environ.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5941: Distutils build_clib command was not working anymore because of
  an incomplete costumization of the archiver command.  Added ARFLAGS in the
  Makefile besides AR and make Distutils use it.  Original patch by David

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5874: distutils.tests.test_config_cmd is not locale-sensitive anymore.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5810: Fixed Distutils test_build_scripts so it uses

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5795: Fixed test_distutils failure on Debian ppc.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5607: Fixed Distutils test_get_platform for Mac OS X fat binaries.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5732: Added a new command in Distutils: check.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5731: Distutils bdist_wininst no longer worked on non-Windows
  platforms.  Initial patch by Paul Moore.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5095: Added bdist_msi to the list of bdist supported formats.  Initial
  fix by Steven Bethard.

[present in 3.x]
- Issue #1491431: Fixed distutils.filelist.glob_to_re for edge cases.  Initial
  fix by Wayne Davison.

[All the following are in 3.1]
- Issue #5694: Removed spurious test output in Distutils (test_clean).

- Issue #5583: Added optional extensions in Distutils.  Initial patch by Georg

- Issue #5472: Fixed distutils.test_util tear down. Original patch by Tim

- Issue #5394: Removed > 2.3 syntax from distutils.msvc9compiler.
  Original patch by Akira Kitada.

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #5378: Added --quiet option to Distutils bdist_rpm command.

- Issue #5052: Make Distutils compatible with 2.3 again.

- Issue #5316: Fixed buildbot failures introduced by multiple inheritance in
  Distutils tests.

- Issue #2279: distutils.sdist.add_defaults now add files from the package_data
  and the data_files metadata.

- Issue #5257: Refactored all tests in distutils, so they use
  support.TempdirManager, to avoid writing in the tests directory.

- Issue #4524: distutils build_script command failed with --with-suffix=3.
  Initial patch by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc.

- Issue #2461: Added tests for distutils.util.

- Issue #3386: distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib prefix argument was ignored
  under NT and OS2. Patch by Philip Jenvey.

- Issue #1520877: Now distutils.sysconfig reads $AR from the
  environment/Makefile. Patch by Douglas Greiman.

- Issue #1276768: The verbose option was not used in the code of
  distutils.file_util and distutils.dir_util.

- Issue #5132: Fixed trouble building extensions under Solaris with
  --enabled-shared activated. Initial patch by Dave Peterson.

- Issue #1885: distutils: When running sdist with --formats=tar,gztar the tar
  file was overriden by the gztar one.

[change present in 3.2]
- Issue #4863: distutils.mwerkscompiler has been removed.

[changes present in 3.2]
- Issue #1702551: distutils sdist was not excluding VCS directories under
  Windows. Initial solution by Guy Dalberto.

- Issue #4702: Throwing a DistutilsPlatformError instead of IOError in case no
  MSVC compiler is found under Windows.  Original patch by Philip Jenvey.

- Issue #4646: distutils was choking on empty options arg in the setup function.
  Original patch by Thomas Heller.

- Issue #1030250: Distutils created directories even when run with the --dry-run

[committed in 3.0]
- Issue #3741: DISTUTILS_USE_SDK set causes to raise an

2.7 alpha 2

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #7617: Make sure distutils.unixccompiler.UnixCCompiler recognizes gcc
  when it has a fully qualified configuration prefix.  Initial patch by

[committed in 3.1]
- Distutils now correctly identifies the build architecture as "x86_64" when
  building on OSX 10.6 without "-arch" flags.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #7556: Distutils' msvc9compiler now opens the MSVC Manifest file in text

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #7552: Removed line feed in the base64 Authorization header in the
  Distutils upload command to avoid an error when PyPI reads it.  This occurs on
  long passwords.  Initial patch by JP St. Pierre.

[Confirmed missing]
- Issue #7457: Added a read_pkg_file method to

2.7 alpha 3

[ticket explicitly excludes Python 3]
- Issue #7748: Since unicode values are supported for some metadata options in
  Distutils, the DistributionMetadata get_* methods will now return an utf-8
  encoded string for them.  This ensures that the upload and register commands
  send the correct values to PyPI without any error.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #5372: Drop the reuse of .o files in Distutils' ccompiler (since
  Extension extra options may change the output without changing the .c file).
  Initial patch by Collin Winter.

2.7 beta 2

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #8577: ``distutils.sysconfig.get_python_inc()`` now makes a difference
  between the build dir and the source dir when looking for "python.h" or

2.7 rc 1

[present in 3.2]
- Issue #8759: Fix user paths in sysconfig for posix and os2 schemes.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #8688: Distutils now recalculates MANIFEST every time.

2.7.1 rc 1
[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #10126: Fix distutils' test_build when Python was built with

[present in 3.2]
- Fix typo in one sdist option (medata-check).

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #9199: Fix incorrect use of distutils.cmd.Command.announce.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #1718574: Fix options that were supposed to accept arguments but did
  not in build_clib.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #9281: Prevent race condition with mkdir in distutils.  Patch by

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #10252: Close file objects in a timely manner in distutils code and
  tests.  Patch by Brian Brazil, completed by Éric Araujo.

[not in Lib/distutils]
- Issue #9437: Fix building C extensions with non-default LDFLAGS.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #8688: MANIFEST files created by distutils now include a magic
  comment indicating they are generated.  Manually maintained MANIFESTs
  without this marker will not be overwritten or removed.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #7895: platform.mac_ver() no longer crashes after calling os.fork()


[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #2236: distutils' mkpath ignored the mode parameter.

[present in 3.2]
- Fix typo in one sdist option (medata-check).

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #10407: Fix one NameError in distutils.

2.7.2 rc 1

[present in 3.x]
- Issue #9516: avoid errors in sysconfig when MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET is
  set in shell.

[committed in 3.1]
- Issue #7639: Fix short file name generation in bdist_msi.