On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 2:12 AM, Ezio Melotti <report@bugs.python.org> wrote:
I think I've already discussed this with Georg a while ago and we ended up adding the links on the left sidebar in http://docs.python.org/.
IIRC there's no easy way to find the same document in another version of the doc, not even now with Sphinx.
I think this can be closed, unless Georg disagrees.

When I opened this issue originally, I hadn't learned Sphinx yet and couldn't propose a solution.  Since then I've started using Sphinx and have a much better idea of what it can and cannot do.

It would require a new Sphinx extension, but it need not be a complex one.

Inside sidebartoc:

<h3>Docs for other versions</h3>
(call extension module)

The extension module would use a global directory (outside of a particular version's Sphinx build) to keep track of which versions had generated the same page.  The builds would have to be run twice, once to produce all of the information and once to include it.  Alternately, they could be run once if it's acceptable to use Apache Server-Side-Includes (SSI).

If you want to assign the issue to me and leave it open, that would be fine with me.  I can't promise to get to it soon, but I'm willing to work on it eventually.