On Sat, Jul 10, 2010 at 1:56 AM, Terry J. Reedy <report@bugs.python.org> wrote:
I think this effectively impossible for volunteers. Microsoft has 1000s of paid employees. Chapter and Sections numbers do not match from version to version.

We don't need to match numbers, we just need to match links, which in 99% of all cases follow a regular pattern:

For example:


It's pretty easy to generate the links to the corresponding pages.  The trickier part is testing that the link is valid when building the pages.

In an ideal universe, there would be a way to manually specify when a page has been renamed (e.g., _winreg -> winreg), but even if those links were missing it would still be quite useful (IMO, of course).

How many other versions would you link to? Multiple links could get a bit ugly.

The same number as currently listed in the sidebar on the index page.