Theis the first time I've submitted bug reports to's development efforts, though I've been using Python for many years.  I don't know what the procedures are for followup to emails like you sent me, and given that the address is, I'm not even sure who -- if anyone -- reads a response like this.  Please tell me how to follow up and anything else you'd like to suggest about how I could help more effectively.

I retried IDLE it with Python 2.6rc1 and  got a very helpful and elaborate error message about not being able to start the subprocess, what port it was trying to connect to, and a pointer to information about running it without a subprocess.  I had my Mac's Security Firewall set to allow all incoming connections, so I don't know why it was refusing this one, but I changed the settings to "Set access for specific services and applications" and added idle26 and idle30.  IDLE 2.6rc1 now works.

However, I checked out 3.0 sources from the Subversion repository yesterday, but am still getting a problem, though a different one, with IDLE30:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "<string>", line 1, in <module>
  File "/usrlocal/lib/python3.0/idlelib/", line 76, in main
AttributeError: 'Thread' object has no attribute 'set_daemon'

Should I just assume that the development problem will be taking care of things like this, or is it helpful for me to report them when I encounter them?

Thanks for your response.

        --- Mitchell

Guilherme Polo <> added the comment:

This bug was fixed after b3 was released (r65971). You should retry it
using python 2.6rc1 or update your sources for py3k.

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