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Le mercredi 13 août 2008 à 17:05 +0000, Bill Janssen a écrit :
> I think it's worth remembering that a very large proportion of the use
> of Python's urllib.unquote() is in implementations of Web server
> frameworks of one sort or another.  We can't control what the browsers
> that talk to such frameworks produce;

Yes, we do. Browsers will use whatever charset is specified in the HTML
for the query part; and, as for the path part, they should't produce it
themselves, they just follow a link which should already be
percent-quoted in the HTML.

Sure.  What I meant was that we don't control what the browsers do, we just go along with what they do, that is, we try to play with the default understanding that's developed between the "consenting pairs" of Apache/Firefox or ASP/IE.