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31558 3 minutes ago gc.freeze() - an API to mark objects as uncollectable has PR open lukasz.langa   resource usage 7
31571 6 minutes ago Redundand information on Doc/reference/lexical_analysis.rst has PR open Guilherme docs@python   8
20827 7 minutes ago IDLE : Display function argument list in ClassBrowser has patch open Saimadhav.Heblikar   enhancement 9
31574 an hour ago Add dtrace hook for importlib has patch has PR open christian.heimes   performance 3
22140 1 1/4 hours ago "python-config --includes" returns a wrong path (double prefix) open Michael.Dussere   behavior 4
31475 2 hours ago Bug in argparse - not supporting utf8 has PR open Ali Razmjoo   compile error 6
31577 2 hours ago crash in os.utime() in case of a bad ns argument open Oren Milman   crash 1
16322 3 hours ago time.tzname on Python 3.3.0 for Windows is decoded by wrong encoding has patch has PR open msmhrt   behavior 22
31145 3 hours ago PriorityQueue.put() fails with TypeError if priority_number in tuples of (priority_number, data) are the same. open Mikołaj Babiak rhettinger enhancement 6
31573 5 hours ago PyStructSequence_New() doesn't validate its input type (crashes in os.wait3() and os.wait4() in case of a bad resource.struct_rusage) has PR open Oren Milman   crash 2
31553 6 hours ago Extend json.tool to handle jsonlines (with a flag) open Eric Moyer lisroach enhancement 6
31520 6 hours ago ResourceWarning: unclosed <socket.socket [closed] fd=3, ...> warning open haypo     4
31575 6 hours ago Functional Programming HOWTO sub-optimal example for reduce open Anran Yang docs@python   1
30347 7 hours ago itertools.groupby() can fail a C assert() has PR open arigo serhiy.storchaka crash 5
30152 8 hours ago Reduce the number of imports for argparse has PR open serhiy.storchaka bethard enhancement 22
31415 8 hours ago Add -X option to show import time has PR open inada.naoki gvanrossum enhancement 13
31530 9 hours ago Python 2.7 readahead feature of file objects is not thread safe has patch has PR open haypo     18
31311 10 hours ago a SystemError and a crash in PyCData_setstate() when __dict__ is bad has PR open Oren Milman   crash 9
25435 10 hours ago Wrong function calls and referring to not removed concepts in descriptor HowTo (documentation) open David Becher rhettinger   11
27426 12 hours ago Encoding mismatch causes some tests to fail on Windows has PR open ebarry   behavior 1
31131 yesterday asyncio.wait_for() TimeoutError doesn't provide full traceback open chris.jerdonek   behavior 2
31356 yesterday Add context manager to temporarily disable GC open rhettinger lisroach enhancement 8
31299 yesterday Add "ignore_modules" option to TracebackException.format() has PR open ncoghlan   enhancement 3
31566 yesterday assertion failure in _warnings.warn() in case of a bad __name__ global has PR open Oren Milman   crash 3
30826 yesterday More details in reference 'Looping through a list in Python and modifying it' open the_darklord rhettinger enhancement 8
31507 yesterday email.utils.parseaddr has no docstring has PR open mark.dickinson   behavior 5
31572 yesterday Avoid suppressing all exceptions in PyObject_HasAttr() has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
31285 yesterday a SystemError and an assertion failure in warnings.warn_explicit() has PR open Oren Milman   crash 5
27268 yesterday Incorrect error message on float('') has patch has PR open Drekin   behavior 8
31550 yesterday Inconsistent error message for TypeError with subscripting has PR open Anthony Sottile   behavior 5
31505 yesterday assertion failure in json, in case _json.make_encoder() received a bad encoder() argument has PR open Oren Milman   crash 2
31567 yesterday Inconsistent documentation around decorators open dmiyakawa docs@python behavior 1
25041 yesterday document AF_PACKET socket address format has patch open Tim.Tisdall docs@python enhancement 7
25359 yesterday io.open() fails to open ascii file if LANG env not set has patch has PR open sentinel   behavior 12
31461 yesterday IDLE: Enhance module browser open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 6
25090 yesterday IDLE: remove noisy icons from class (module) browser open markroseman terry.reedy enhancement 5
31565 yesterday open() doesn't use locale.getpreferredencoding() open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 1
31460 yesterday IDLE: Revise ModuleBrowser API open terry.reedy terry.reedy behavior 2
12425 yesterday gettext breaks on empty plural-forms value has patch open djc   behavior 5
2504 yesterday Add gettext.pgettext() and variants support has patch open genepi loewis enhancement 23
31562 yesterday snakebite.net is not available open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 2
20825 2 days ago containment test for "ip_network in ip_network" has patch open exhuma pmoody enhancement 27
31425 2 days ago Expose AF_QIPCRTR in socket module has PR open Bjorn Andersson   enhancement 1
31478 2 days ago assertion failure in random.seed() in case the seed argument has a bad __abs__() method has PR open Oren Milman   crash 8
31556 2 days ago asyncio.wait_for can cancel futures faster with timeout==0 has PR open hellysmile     7
31557 2 days ago tarfile: incorrectly treats regular file as directory open Joe Tsai     1
31534 2 days ago python 3.6.2 installation failed 0x80070002 error open roie     2
31555 2 days ago Windows pyd slower when not loaded via load_dynamic open Safihre   performance 1
19907 2 days ago gettext - Non ascii chars in header pending Michael.Müller   enhancement 7
31554 3 days ago Warn when __loader__ != __spec__.loader open brett.cannon   enhancement 1
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