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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
45934 2 hours ago python curses newterm implementation open draganic1   enhancement 6
44092 2 hours ago [sqlite3] Remove special rollback handling has PR open erlendaasland     6
45981 5 hours ago Get raw file name in bytes from ZipFile open accelerator0099   enhancement 6
45977 5 hours ago Unexpected effect of sys.pycache_prefix = "" open andrei.avk   behavior 5
27920 6 hours ago Embedding python in a shared library fails to import the Python module pending suzaku   behavior 3
29221 6 hours ago ABC Recursion Error on isinstance() with less than recursion limit class hierarchy depth open scopatz   behavior 5
16247 7 hours ago Report failing url in URLError? open ncoghlan   behavior 4
31879 7 hours ago Launcher fails on custom command starting with "python" open mrh1997   enhancement 4
29317 7 hours ago test_copyxattr_symlinks fails open marktay     1
38836 7 hours ago Links are duplicated in documentation search result pending MaT1g3R docs@python behavior 2
26695 7 hours ago pickle and _pickle accelerator have different behavior when unpickling an object with falsy __getstate__ return open josh.r docs@python behavior 3
12290 7 hours ago __setstate__ is called for false values has patch open eltoder docs@python behavior 6
13821 7 hours ago [doc] misleading return from isidentifier open Jim.Jewett docs@python behavior 9
25668 7 hours ago Deadlock in logging caused by a possible race condition with "format" pending fviard   crash 13
45988 8 hours ago inspect.signature fails on a @staticmethod open PhilipVinc     2
45664 9 hours ago resolve_bases() and new_class() do not work with type alias of a built-in type has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
45663 9 hours ago is_dataclass() does not work for dataclasses which are subclasses of types.GenericAlias has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 4
45662 9 hours ago Incorrect repr of InitVar of a type alias has PR open serhiy.storchaka   behavior 3
13236 9 hours ago unittest needs more flush calls has patch has PR open petere   behavior 9
45840 9 hours ago Improve cross-references in the data model documentation has PR open AlexWaygood docs@python behavior 2
37295 10 hours ago Possible optimizations for math.comb() has patch has PR open rhettinger   performance 16
45991 11 hours ago Improve ambiguous docstrings in pkgutil open khock docs@python enhancement 1
45990 12 hours ago Exception notes need more documentation open cool-RR docs@python   1
21761 12 hours ago [doc] language reference describes the role of module.__file__ inaccurately open eric.snow docs@python   2
45711 yesterday Simplify the interpreter's (type, val, tb) exception representation has PR open iritkatriel   performance 11
28546 yesterday [doc] Clarify setting pdb breakpoints open iank docs@python   2
26897 yesterday [doc] Clarify Popen stdin, stdout, stderr open Yclept.Nemo docs@python   2
1705393 yesterday Document select() failure with buffered file open rongarret docs@python behavior 6
12833 yesterday Document the need to pass the prompt to raw_input() with readline has patch pending idank docs@python behavior 12
28816 yesterday [doc] Clarify that zipimport does not invoke import hooks to load custom files from zip. has patch pending Decorater docs@python enhancement 5
45986 yesterday 3.10.0 ships with older tcl/tk DLLs than 3.9.9 causing Windows Installer problems open Athanasius     4
3687 yesterday Popen() object stdout attribute reassignment behaviour open vincent.legoll docs@python behavior 5
33632 yesterday undefined behaviour: signed integer overflow in threadmodule.c has PR open pitrou   behavior 8
43805 yesterday multiprocessing.Queue hangs when process on other side dies open kormang     5
29251 yesterday [doc] Class __dict__ is only a mapping proxy open martin.panter docs@python behavior 5
19153 yesterday [doc] Embedding into a shared library fails again open rinatous docs@python behavior 4
45985 yesterday AttributeError from @property inadvertantly flows into __getattr__ open koreno   behavior 1
45979 yesterday Fix Tkinter tests with old Tk has PR open serhiy.storchaka   enhancement 2
44540 yesterday venv: activate.bat fails for venv with special characters in PATH open MB113   behavior 1
45906 yesterday Python github installation issue open mazen001.ahmed001   compile error 2
10483 yesterday http.server - what is executable on Windows has PR open v+python   behavior 22
45975 yesterday Simplify some while-loops with walrus operator has PR open nickdrozd     6
45947 yesterday Place dict (and values) pointers at a fixed (negative) offset from the base of the object. has PR open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon performance 1
45847 yesterday Port module setup to PY_STDLIB_MOD() macro and addext() has PR open christian.heimes   enhancement 38
45978 yesterday deepfreeze opaquely fails on Windows when building from Visual Studio open Dennis Sweeney   compile error 5
28953 yesterday Use `raise from` when raising new IncompleteRead has patch has PR open cool-RR   behavior 7
45695 yesterday Out-of-tree builds are not tested. has PR open eric.snow gregory.p.smith   7
40467 yesterday subprocess: replacement shell on windows with executable="..." arg open anishathalye   behavior 3
45914 yesterday Very first multiprocessing example not working on Windows 11 open quattrozhou docs@python behavior 4
43098 yesterday tarfile list() method does not show file type open val.shkolnikov ethan.furman behavior 3
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