ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
44399 1/4 hour ago log rotator cookbook example might waste disk space has PR open mori-b vinay.sajip resource usage 9
44761 1/4 hour ago NewType __module__ name default value has PR open uriyyo   behavior 1
44759 1/2 an hour ago ctype generates misleading error-msg opening when compiled for wrong arch open stephan.boekelmann   enhancement 3
44760 an hour ago Turtle Documentation - Contents Hyperlink conflict open ray_giraffe docs@python enhancement 1
44747 1 1/4 hours ago Refactor usage of sys._getframe at typing module has PR open uriyyo   enhancement 1
44748 1 1/2 hours ago argparse: a bool indicating if arg was encountered open Thermi   enhancement 3
43377 1 3/4 hours ago _PyErr_Display should be available in the CPython-specific API has PR open Maxime Belanger   enhancement 5
42853 3 hours ago `OverflowError: signed integer is greater than maximum` in for files larger than 2GB has PR open amacd31 methane behavior 14
44756 5 hours ago In ./Doc, "make html" and "make build" should depend on "make venv" has PR open jack__d docs@python enhancement 1
42167 5 hours ago Documentation for SETUP_WITH opcode is wrong has PR open pxeger docs@python   5
44752 6 hours ago Tab completion executes @property getter function has PR open RPecor   behavior 7
44461 8 hours ago 'Pdb' object has no attribute 'botframe' has PR open jaraco jaraco   10
44754 9 hours ago Documentation for pop in Built-in Types has PR open mark-gluzman docs@python   2
44479 10 hours ago Windows build doesn't regenerate some files has PR open gvanrossum steve.dower   11
44753 12 hours ago backupCount is not respected in TimedRotatingFileHandler when namer is specified open alexander.smirnoff     1
44688 12 hours ago [sqlite3] Remove ASCII limitation from sqlite3.Connection.create_collation() has PR open erlendaasland erlendaasland enhancement 1
42035 yesterday [C API] PyType_GetSlot cannot get tp_name has PR open fancitron   enhancement 14
33896 yesterday Document what components make up the filecmp.cmp os.stat signature. open Dean Morin docs@python behavior 7
44749 yesterday LOAD_NAME not using PyObject_GetItem when globals() is a dict subclass open douglas-raillard-arm     1
42064 yesterday Convert sqlite3 to multi-phase initialisation (PEP 489) has PR open erlendaasland   enhancement 16
44744 yesterday [security] Open redirect attack due to insufficient validation in Urlparse open ready-research     5
43468 yesterday functools.cached_property incorrectly locks the entire descriptor on class instead of per-instance locking open ztane   resource usage 5
44740 yesterday Lowercase "Internet" and "web" in docs has PR open felixxm docs@python enhancement 7
39820 yesterday Bracketed paste mode for REPL: don't execute pasted command before ENTER is pressed explicitly open Marco Sulla   enhancement 14
42182 yesterday 3.10 Documentation Not Hyperlinking Some Methods has PR open kj docs@python behavior 5
39658 yesterday Include user scripts folder to PATH on Windows open lucatrv     1
44745 yesterday Manual for python 3.9.6 will not let me search open matthman2019   behavior 2
36906 yesterday Compile time textwrap.dedent() equivalent for str or bytes literals has PR open gregory.p.smith gregory.p.smith enhancement 46
28356 yesterday [easy doc] Document os.rename() behavior on Windows when src and dst are on different filesystems has patch has PR open stephan docs@python enhancement 13
44733 yesterday Feature request: maxtasksperchild for ProcessPoolExecutor has PR open cool-RR   enhancement 3
44697 yesterday Memory leak when asyncio.open_connection raise open seer   resource usage 4
44682 yesterday Pdb commands allows to add commands to invalid breakpoint has PR open andrei.avk     3
44037 yesterday Broad performance regression from 3.10a7 to 3.10b2 with macOS binaries open rhettinger ned.deily performance 5
44743 yesterday asyncio DatagramProtocol stops calling callbacks after OSError open JulianOrteil   behavior 1
44742 yesterday smtplib: less confusing behaviour when giving incorrect multiple recipients list open cmatte   enhancement 1
40106 yesterday multiprocessor spawn open mouse07410   crash 2
32937 yesterday Multiprocessing worker functions not terminating with a large number of processes and a manager open Ericg   behavior 9
27035 yesterday Cannot set exit code in atexit callback open Melebius   behavior 17
44590 2 days ago Create frame objects lazily when needed has PR open Mark.Shannon Mark.Shannon performance 2
44738 2 days ago io_uring as a new backend to selectors and asyncio open achimnol   enhancement 4
44493 2 days ago Missing terminated NUL in the length of sockaddr_un has PR open zonyitoo   behavior 2
43944 2 days ago Processes in Python 3.9 exiting with code 1 when It's created inside a ThreadPoolExecutor open Genarito   behavior 7
19217 2 days ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch has PR open Jacek.Bzdak ezio.melotti resource usage 28
43950 2 days ago Include column offsets for bytecode instructions has PR open pablogsal     37
41203 2 days ago Replace references to OS X in documentation with macOS has PR open pxeger docs@python behavior 6
42378 2 days ago logging reopens file with same mode, possibly truncating has PR open ecatmur2   behavior 3
43184 2 days ago Missing docs for LoggerAdapter manager and name property has PR open yoavp10 docs@python   4
44605 2 days ago functools.total_ordering doesn't work with metaclasses open glyph rhettinger behavior 4
44725 2 days ago Expose specialization stats in python has PR open iritkatriel   enhancement 1
13824 3 days ago argparse.FileType opens a file and never closes it has patch open David.Layton   behavior 15
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