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List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
158 21 months ago Python not recognized in registry, PATH not modified unread mrx23dot  
128 37 months ago parse_version post-release tags do not work as expected chatting guyroz  
162 1 month ago Setuptools fails with MemoryError when using dependency_links chatting tomas  
161 6 months ago commands.upload.upload_file breaks when iterable 'value' is not of type tuple unread blakev  
159 7 months ago easy_install --quiet --dry-run -U package is not really quiet unread sorin  
160 8 months ago bootstrap of fails on setuptools 12.4 unread marulkan  
156 28 months ago SSL errors when using https proxy chatting cmsj  
152 29 months ago setuptools breaks with from __future__ import unicode_literals in chatting mbogosian  
153 29 months ago Jython - easy_install -- module has no attribute 'CERT_REQUIRED' chatting tjb1982  
147 35 months ago "test" command breaks 'atexit' handlers chatting Brian.Lauber  
143 40 months ago Cannot install: ValueError: bad marshal data (unknown type code) chatting ProgVal  
141 41 months ago Setuptools looks for dependencies even when installed chatting fonnesbeck  
140 41 months ago [PATCH] Make 'develop --egg-path' respect specified path in easy_install.pth unread ohanar  
138 42 months ago setuptools.extension incompatible w/ Cython (patch included) unread  
137 48 months ago test_get_script_header_jython_workaround expects output on stdout, but it is on stderr instead unread zooko  
136 49 months ago Exception AttributeError: 'NoneType' raised when package is not found on Python 2.5 only chatting sorin  
135 50 months ago Problem with bdist_rpm with rpm 3.0.5 unread chris.dukes.aix  
134 51 months ago easy_install shebang should be /usr/bin/env python unread maq  
131 52 months ago Shebang for gui_scripts on Windows is not changed to pythonw chatting flocki  
120 54 months ago cli.exe quits on ctrl-c, but python doesn't chatting guyroz  
130 54 months ago Setuptools fails to detect Python2.7 install, then provides useless dialog chatting paulm  
129 55 months ago Installation problem with pyx on windows chatting bjourne  
113 60 months ago namespace packages installed with --single-version-externally-managed break other packages in that namespace chatting carljm  
112 62 months ago Shebang for gui_scripts on Windows should be #!pythonw.exe for MSI installers, too chatting AndiDog  
106 68 months ago Confusing docs on PiPI unread dabrahams  
97 73 months ago Windows installer causes different behavior chatting dbhart  
96 73 months ago Invalid flag in srpm spec file (0.6c11) chatting riggs  
91 73 months ago setuptools fails with non-ascii urls in pypi chatting srid  
72 79 months ago easy_install violates SELinux policies unread jcervidae  
8 1 month ago Summary Command #8320 chatting pjenvey  
79 35 months ago SVN Entries parsing should use local svn command for implementation chatting jaraco  
144 39 months ago Improve per-user installation instructions unread rrt  
53 52 months ago respect the PYTHONPATH chatting zooko  
127 55 months ago time.mktime simple checks fail when is_dst applies to the original timestamp unread yaneurabeya  
114 60 months ago Add option to suppress 2to3 fixes chatting stefanor  
103 70 months ago develop command needs a way to install extra requirements unread tseaver pje
101 70 months ago Remove setuptools-specific traceback lines for setup script errors chatting techtonik  
43 71 months ago [PATCH] add force_shared Library option to create shared lib even with use_stubs=False chatting vajda pje
99 72 months ago easy_install does not honour exec-prefix for platform-dependent eggs chatting philbert  
92 73 months ago [PATCH] Added download directory option unread epronk  
42 74 months ago Add VCS support chatting sdouche  
78 74 months ago egg platform names don't reflect unicode variant (UCS2, UCS4) chatting zooko  
54 74 months ago be more like distutils with regard to --prefix= chatting zooko  
73 74 months ago --name prints warning messages to stdout, rather than stderr chatting srid  
21 80 months ago [PATCH] adding uninstall feature to easy_install chatting ccasey ccasey
32 84 months ago Make setuptools handle multiple index locations (index url) chatting tarek  
15 85 months ago [PATCH] easy_install won't tell you what version it is chatting zooko  
25 90 months ago [PATCH]Prefer release versions of projects chatting cgalvan  
164 3 weeks ago dfswferfergerge unread andrew31137  
142 1 month ago easy_install ignores 'headers' passed to setup() chatting tseaver  
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