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(no priority set)
1100942 3 weeks ago Add datetime.time.strptime and has patch open josh-sf
28440 8 months ago ensurepip and pip install failures on macOS Sierra with non-system Python 2.7.x has patch open Marc.Culler
deferred blocker
23404 3 weeks ago 'make touch' does not work with git clones of the source repository has patch has PR open vlee
30502 3 weeks ago Fix buffer handling of OBJ_obj2txt has patch has PR open christian.heimes
29406 1 month ago asyncio SSL contexts leak sockets after calling close with certain Apache servers has patch has PR open thehesiod
17239 14 months ago XML vulnerabilities in Python has patch open christian.heimes
19050 28 months ago [Python 2, Windows] fflush called on pointer to potentially closed file has patch open damiro
17180 36 months ago shutil copy* unsafe on POSIX - they preserve setuid/setgit bits has patch open milko.krachounov
9253 3 days ago argparse: optional subparsers has patch open nvie
1612262 3 days ago Class Browser doesn't show internal classes has patch has PR open taleinat
25711 2 weeks ago Rewrite zipimport from scratch has patch open brett.cannon
14156 1 month ago argparse.FileType for '-' doesn't work for a mode of 'rb' has patch open anacrolix
7676 2 months ago IDLE shell shouldn't use TABs has patch open cben
27867 2 months ago various issues due to misuse of PySlice_GetIndicesEx has patch has PR open tehybel
11874 2 months ago argparse assertion failure with brackets in metavars has patch has PR open htnieman
26423 3 months ago Integer overflow in wrap_lenfunc() on 64-bit build of Windows with len > 2**31-1 has patch open Dave Hibbitts
25782 4 months ago CPython hangs on error __context__ set to the error itself has patch open yselivanov
21109 5 months ago tarfile: Traversal attack vulnerability has patch open Daniel.Garcia
22273 5 months ago abort when passing certain structs by value using ctypes has patch open weeble
28866 6 months ago Type cache is not correctly invalidated on a class defining mro() has patch open sjpalt
19217 6 months ago Calling assertEquals for moderately long list takes too long has patch open Jacek.Bzdak
28055 6 months ago pyhash's siphash24 assumes alignment of the data pointer has patch open doko
14074 6 months ago argparse allows nargs>1 for positional arguments but doesn't allow metavar to be a tuple has patch open tshepang
19500 6 months ago Add client-side SSL session resumption has patch open Ye.Wang
9338 7 months ago argparse optionals with nargs='?', '*' or '+' can't be followed by positionals has patch open bethard
9625 7 months ago argparse: Problem with defaults for variable nargs when using choices has patch open thesociable
29125 7 months ago Shell injection via TIX_LIBRARY when using tkinter.tix has patch open symphorien
28971 7 months ago nntplib is broken when responses are longer than _MAXLINE has patch open xdegaye
14364 8 months ago Argparse incorrectly handles '--' as argument to option has patch open maker
6083 8 months ago Reference counting bug in PyArg_ParseTuple and PyArg_ParseTupleAndKeywords has patch open billm
21818 8 months ago cookielib documentation references Cookie module, not cookielib.Cookie class has patch open Ajtag
27683 9 months ago ipaddress subnet slicing iterator malfunction has patch open tklausmann
18369 11 months ago X509 cert class for ssl module has patch open christian.heimes
20994 11 months ago Disable TLS Compression has patch open dstufft
23239 11 months ago SSL match_hostname does not accept IP Address has patch open Ádám.Zsigmond
28022 11 months ago SSL releated deprecation for 3.6 has patch open christian.heimes
8372 11 months ago socket: Buffer overrun while reading unterminated AF_UNIX addresses has patch open baikie
2445 11 months ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch open dstanek
24214 12 months ago UTF-8 incremental decoder doesn't support surrogatepass correctly has patch open RalfM
21084 14 months ago IDLE can't deal with characters above the range (U+0000-U+FFFF) has patch open Ma Lin
3132 16 months ago implement PEP 3118 struct changes has patch open benjamin.peterson
24295 17 months ago Backport of #17086 causes regression in has patch open moritzs
26000 18 months ago Crash in Tokenizer - Heap-use-after-free has patch open William Bowling
13153 20 months ago IDLE crashes when pasting non-BMP unicode char on Py3 has patch open JBernardo
23973 24 months ago PEP 484 implementation has patch open gvanrossum
6164 24 months ago [AIX] Patch to correct the AIX C/C++ linker argument used for 'runtime_library_dirs' has patch open srid
11352 26 months ago Update cgi module doc has patch open quentel
2122 27 months ago mmap.flush does not check for errors on windows has patch open schmir
17477 27 months ago update the bsddb module do build with db 5.x versions has patch open doko
3367 27 months ago Uninitialized value read in parsetok.c has patch open kristjan.jonsson
6377 28 months ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open atuining
1508475 29 months ago transparent gzip compression in urllib has patch open antialize
12613 38 months ago itertools fixer fails has patch open VPeric
16638 39 months ago support multi-line docstring signatures in IDLE calltips has patch open chris.jerdonek
8036 70 months ago Interpreter crashes on invalid arg to spawnl on Windows has patch open alfps
9566 3/4 hours ago Compilation warnings under x64 Windows has patch has PR open pitrou
18156 2 hours ago Add an 'attr' attribute to AttributeError has patch open brett.cannon
5001 2 hours ago Remove assertion-based checking in multiprocessing has patch has PR open jnoller
14976 2 hours ago queue.Queue() is not reentrant, so signals and GC can cause deadlocks has patch open JohanAR
31229 yesterday wrong error messages when too many kwargs are received has patch open Oren Milman
29843 yesterday errors raised by ctypes.Array for invalid _length_ attribute has patch open Oren Milman
28261 yesterday wrong error messages when using PyArg_ParseTuple to parse normal tuples has patch has PR open Oren Milman
27413 2 days ago Add an option to json.tool to bypass non-ASCII characters. has patch has PR open Wei-Cheng.Pan
1732367 6 days ago Document the constants in the socket module has patch open sonderblade
31184 7 days ago Fix data descriptor detection in inspect.getattr_static has patch open davidhalter
28087 7 days ago macOS 12 poll syscall returns prematurely has patch has PR open MicroTransactionsMatterToo
31178 7 days ago [EASY] subprocess: TypeError: can't concat str to bytes, in _execute_child() has patch has PR open haypo
31151 1 week ago test_socketserver: Warning -- reap_children() reaped child process has patch has PR open haypo
4963 1 week ago mimetypes.guess_extension result changes after mimetypes.init() has patch has PR open siona
31175 1 week ago Exception while extracting file from ZIP with non-matching file name in central directory has patch has PR open zyxtarmo
29456 1 week ago bugs in unicodedata.normalize: u1176, u11a7 and u11c3 has patch has PR open pusnow
22635 1 week ago subprocess.getstatusoutput changed behavior in 3.4 (maybe 3.3.4?) has patch open josh.r
25910 1 week ago Fixing links in documentation has patch has PR open SilentGhost
29400 1 week ago Add instruction level tracing via sys.settrace has patch open gwk
27755 1 week ago Retire DynOptionMenu with a ttk Combobox has patch open jfoo
31120 1 week ago [2.7] Python 64 bit _ssl compile fails due missing buildinf_amd64.h has patch open hirenvadalia
29555 1 week ago Update Python Software Foundation Copyright Year has patch open orsenthil
9674 1 week ago make install DESTDIR=/home/blah fails when the prefix specified is / has patch open mailtome
25430 2 weeks ago speed up ipaddress __contain__ method has patch has PR open gescheit
20849 2 weeks ago add exist_ok to shutil.copytree has patch has PR open thehesiod
1222585 2 weeks ago C++ compilation support for distutils has patch open ahonkela
25658 2 weeks ago PyThread assumes pthread_key_t is an integer, which is against POSIX has patch has PR open EdSchouten
28053 2 weeks ago parameterize what serialization is used in multiprocessing has patch open davin
26228 3 weeks ago pty.spawn hangs on FreeBSD 9.3, 10.x has patch has PR open chris.torek
29070 3 weeks ago Integration tests for pty.spawn on Linux and all other platforms has patch has PR open Cornelius Diekmann
18943 3 weeks ago argparse: default args in mutually exclusive groups has patch open arigo
24954 3 weeks ago No way to generate or parse timezone as produced by datetime.isoformat() has patch open gvanrossum
29640 3 weeks ago _PyThreadState_Init and fork race leads to inconsistent key list has patch has PR open Ján Stanček
20754 3 weeks ago Distribution.parse_config_files uses interpolation has patch open alunduil
31046 3 weeks ago ensurepip does not honour the value of $(prefix) has patch open xdegaye
21423 3 weeks ago concurrent.futures.ThreadPoolExecutor/ProcessPoolExecutor should accept an initializer argument has patch open andreasvc
2636 3 weeks ago Adding a new regex module (compatible with re) has patch open timehorse
17611 3 weeks ago Move unwinding of stack for "pseudo exceptions" from interpreter to compiler. has patch has PR open Mark.Shannon
29469 3 weeks ago AST-level Constant folding has patch has PR open inada.naoki
22062 3 weeks ago Fix pathlib.Path.(r)glob doc glitches. has patch open terry.reedy
31013 3 weeks ago gcc7 throws warning when pymem.h development header is used has patch open Gabriel Somlo
29930 3 weeks ago Waiting for asyncio.StreamWriter.drain() twice in parallel raises an AssertionError when the transport stopped writing has patch open metathink
1644818 3 weeks ago Allow built-in packages and submodules as well as top-level modules has patch open mlobo
31015 3 weeks ago PyErr_WriteUnraisable should be more verbose in Python 2.7 has patch open
27584 3 weeks ago New addition of vSockets to the python socket module has patch has PR open Cathy Avery
30867 3 weeks ago Add macro `HAVE_OPENSSL_VERIFY_PARAM` to avoid invalid function declaration has patch open signal1587
12568 3 weeks ago Add functions to get the width in columns of a character has patch open haypo
25571 3 weeks ago Improve the lltrace feature with the Py_Debug mode has patch open matrixise
26579 3 weeks ago Support pickling slots in subclasses of common classes has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
12528 3 weeks ago Implement configurable bitfield allocation strategy has patch open vladris
27645 3 weeks ago Supporting native backup facility of SQLite has patch has PR open lelit
28060 3 weeks ago Clean up division fast paths in Objects/longobject.c has patch open mark.dickinson
24955 3 weeks ago webbrowser broken on Mac OS X when using the BROWSER variable has patch open sconseil
24869 4 weeks ago shlex lineno inaccurate with certain inputs has patch has PR open rescrv
24459 4 weeks ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open Antony.Lee
13802 4 weeks ago IDLE Prefernces/Fonts: use multiple alphabets in examples has patch has PR open terry.reedy
28638 1 month ago Optimize namedtuple creation has patch has PR open inada.naoki
30945 1 month ago loop.create_server does not detect if the interface is IPv6 enabled has patch open cecton
29225 1 month ago distutils.command.install_lib.get_outputs() wrong with extensions built inplace has patch has PR open Elvis Stansvik
23102 1 month ago distutils: isinstance checks fail with setuptools-monkeypatched Extension/Distribution has patch open gmt
12857 1 month ago Expose called function on frame object has patch open eric.snow
1442493 1 month ago IDLE shell window gets very slow when displaying long lines has patch open drhok
27268 1 month ago Incorrect error message on float('') has patch has PR open Drekin
27640 1 month ago add the '--disable-test-suite' option to configure has patch open xdegaye
9216 1 month ago FIPS support for hashlib has patch open dmalcolm
9262 1 month ago IDLE: Revise or replace tabbedpages for multi-editor window. has patch open terry.reedy
22253 1 month ago ConfigParser does not handle files without sections has patch has PR open kernc
30937 1 month ago csv module examples miss newline='' when opening files has PR open Pavel
7727 1 month ago xmlrpc library returns string which contain null ( \x00 ) has patch open Steven.Hartland
23674 1 month ago super() documentation isn't very clear has patch open Tapani Kiiskinen
28287 1 month ago Refactor subprocess.Popen to let a subclass handle IO asynchronously has patch open martius
16487 1 month ago Allow ssl certificates to be specified from memory rather than files. has patch has PR open kristjan.jonsson
23835 1 month ago configparser does not convert defaults to strings has patch has PR open aragilar
29571 1 month ago test_re is failing when local is set for `en_IN` has patch has PR open jaysinh.shukla
25516 1 month ago threading.Condition._is_owned() is wrong when using threading.Lock has patch has PR open nirs
21600 1 month ago mock.patch.stopall doesn't work with patch.dict to sys.modules has patch open kakuma
28879 1 month ago smtplib send_message should add Date header if it is missing, per RFC5322 has patch has PR open Henning.von.Bargen
6159 1 month ago Tkinter.PanedWindow: docstring fixes, change in paneconfigure and removed some returns has patch open gpolo
8231 1 month ago Unable to run IDLE without write-access to home directory has patch has PR open cane
16806 1 month ago col_offset is -1 and lineno is wrong for multiline string expressions has patch has PR open
24845 1 month ago IDLE functional/integration testing has patch open markroseman
11820 1 month ago idle3 shell os.system swallows shell command output has patch open Thekent
23644 1 month ago g++ module compile fails with ‘_Atomic’ does not name a type has patch open Joshua.J.Cogliati
30828 1 month ago Out of bounds write in _asyncio_Future_remove_done_callback has patch has PR open Ned Williamson
1751519 1 month ago curses - new window methods: addchstr and addchnstr has patch open wmula
16328 1 month ago sets wrong user path has patch open Emil.Styrke
20692 1 month ago Tutorial and FAQ: how to call a method on an int has patch open Jon.Shemitz
24665 1 month ago CJK support for textwrap has patch has PR open fgallaire
19613 1 month ago test_nntplib: sporadic failures, test_article_head_body() has patch open haypo
30817 1 month ago Abort in PyErr_PrintEx() when no memory has patch has PR open xdegaye
30495 1 month ago IDLE: modernize textview module has patch has PR open terry.reedy
30695 1 month ago add a nomemory_allocator to the _testcapi module has patch has PR open xdegaye
29926 1 month ago IDLE: in shell, time.sleep ignores _thread.interrupt_main() has patch has PR open Mark
11975 1 month ago Fix referencing of built-in types (list, int, ...) has patch has PR open jonash
5004 1 month ago socket.getfqdn() doesn't cope properly with purely DNS-based setups has patch open dfranke
26568 1 month ago Add a new warnings.showwarnmsg() function taking a warnings.WarningMessage object has patch has PR open haypo
13582 1 month ago IDLE and pythonw.exe stderr problem has patch open roger.serwy
12387 1 month ago IDLE save keyboard shortcut problem has patch open Jacob.VB
21756 1 month ago IDLE - ParenMatch fails to find closing paren of multi-line statements has patch open taleinat
21880 1 month ago IDLE: Ability to run 3rd party code checkers has patch open Saimadhav.Heblikar
13179 1 month ago IDLE uses common tkinter variables across all editor windows has patch open roger.serwy
13657 1 month ago IDLE doesn't support sys.ps1 and sys.ps2. has patch open Ramchandra Apte
15808 1 month ago Possibility of setting custom key bindings for "Additional help sources" menu items has patch open Rostyslav.Dzinko
6804 1 month ago IDLE: Detect Python files even if name doesn't end in .py has patch open ggenellina
18903 1 month ago IDLE file-completion is case-sensitive in Windows has patch open westley.martinez
27621 1 month ago Finish IDLE Query dialog appearance and behavior. has patch open serhiy.storchaka
2053 1 month ago IDLE - standardize dialogs has patch open taleinat
13586 1 month ago IDLE: Replace selected not working/consistent with find has patch open marco
24760 1 month ago IDLE settings dialog shouldn't be modal has patch open markroseman
2704 1 month ago IDLE: Patch to make PyShell behave more like a Terminal interface has patch open roger.serwy
6858 1 month ago IDLE: allow syntax highlighting of files without .py extension has patch open gert
24766 1 month ago Subclass of property doesn't preserve instance __doc__ when using doc= argument has patch has PR open erik.bray
27546 1 month ago Integrate tkinter and asyncio (and async) has patch open terry.reedy
24412 1 month ago setUpClass equivalent for addCleanup has patch open r.david.murray
11437 1 month ago IDLE crash on startup with typo in config-keys.cfg has patch open George.Dhoore
21998 1 month ago asyncio: support fork has patch open haypo
23451 1 month ago Deprecation warnings building 3.5 Visual Studio Windows 8.1 64 bit has patch has PR open BreamoreBoy
22087 1 month ago asyncio: support multiprocessing (support fork) has patch open dan.oreilly
24905 1 month ago Allow incremental I/O to blobs in sqlite3 has patch has PR open jim_minter
29301 1 month ago decimal: Use FASTCALL and/or Argument Clinic has patch open haypo
24813 1 month ago Redesign Help => About IDLE, make it non-modal has patch has PR open markroseman
19756 1 month ago test_nntplib: sporadic failures, network isses? server down? has patch open haypo
26098 1 month ago [WIP] PEP 510: Specialize functions with guards has patch has PR open haypo
26145 1 month ago [WIP] PEP 511: Add sys.set_code_transformers() has patch has PR open haypo
29240 1 month ago [WIP] Implementation of the PEP 540: Add a new UTF-8 mode has patch has PR open haypo
17942 1 month ago IDLE Debugger: Improve GUI has patch has PR open terry.reedy
30711 1 month ago getaddrinfo invalid port number has PR open smejkar
30710 1 month ago getaddrinfo raises OverflowError has patch has PR open smejkar
19479 1 month ago textwrap.dedent doesn't work properly with strings containing CRLF has patch open alexis.d
25532 1 month ago infinite loop when running inspect.unwrap over has patch has PR open cjw296
18378 1 month ago locale.getdefaultlocale() fails on Mac OS X with default language set to English has patch open Dmitry.Jemerov
30696 1 month ago infinite loop in PyRun_InteractiveLoopFlags() has patch open xdegaye
4926 1 month ago putenv() accepts names containing '=', return value of unsetenv() not checked has patch has PR open baikie
29097 1 month ago datetime.fromtimestamp(t) when 0 <= t <= 86399 fails on Python 3.6 has patch has PR open pekka.klarck
25720 1 month ago Fix curses module compilation with ncurses6 has patch has PR open donmez
14304 1 month ago Implement utf-8-bmp codec has patch open asvetlov
22133 1 month ago IDLE: Set correct WM_CLASS on X11 has patch open Saimadhav.Heblikar
15216 1 month ago Add encoding & errors parameters to TextIOWrapper.reconfigure() has patch has PR open ncoghlan
24252 1 month ago IDLE removes elements from tracebacks. has patch open ppperry
16198 1 month ago IDLE - tabbing in a string always brings up file completion window has patch open roger.serwy
26143 1 month ago Ensure that IDLE's stdlib imports are from the stdlib has PR open terry.reedy
29212 1 month ago Python 3.6 logging thread name regression with concurrent.future threads has patch has PR open desbma
8799 1 month ago Hang in lib/test/ has patch has PR open kristjan.jonsson
5680 1 month ago Command-line arguments when running in IDLE has patch has PR open mrabarnett
17822 1 month ago Save on Close windows (IDLE) has patch open Guilherme.Simões
6699 1 month ago IDLE: Warn user about overwriting a file that has a newer version on filesystem has patch open gpolo
30665 1 month ago pass big values for arg to fcntl.ioctl has patch has PR open ukl
17583 1 month ago IDLE HOWTO has patch open Amit.Saha
18583 1 month ago Idle: enhance FormatParagraph has patch open terry.reedy
20403 1 month ago Idle options dialog: add help has patch open terry.reedy
18504 1 month ago IDLE: Improve Mock_Text has patch open JayKrish
25031 1 month ago IDLE - file list improvements has patch open markroseman
25036 1 month ago IDLE - infrastructure changes so editors don't assume they're in a toplevel has patch open markroseman
25198 1 month ago Idle: improve idle.html help viewer. has patch open terry.reedy
27452 1 month ago IDLE: Cleanup config code has patch open terry.reedy
27477 1 month ago IDLE: Switch search dialogs to ttk widgets, and other refinement has patch open terry.reedy
24465 2 months ago Make shutil.make_archive have deterministic sorting has patch open samthursfield
27321 2 months ago Email parser creates a message object that can't be flattened has patch has PR open msapiro
19956 2 months ago inspect.getsource( fails when foo is an injected method constructed from another method has patch open mtahmed
6171 2 months ago IDLE - TreeWidget draw and double-click (Ubuntu) has patch open sirgimp
20823 2 months ago Clarify copyreg.pickle() documentation has patch open peter.otten
18140 2 months ago urlparse, urlsplit confused when password includes fragment (#), query (?) has patch open anh.le
694339 2 months ago IDLE: Dedenting with Shift+Tab has patch has PR open kamek
26491 2 months ago Defer DECREFs until enum object is in a consistent state for re-entrancy has patch open rhettinger
17870 2 months ago Python does not provide PyLong_FromIntMax_t() or PyLong_FromUintMax_t() function has patch has PR open Devin Jeanpierre
28180 2 months ago Implementation of the PEP 538: coerce C locale to C.utf-8 has patch has PR open Jan Niklas Hasse
28603 2 months ago traceback module can't format/print unhashable exceptions has patch open Trundle
1615158 2 months ago POSIX capabilities support has patch open gj0aqzda
30509 2 months ago Optimize calling type slots has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
27922 2 months ago Make IDLE tests less flashy has patch has PR open terry.reedy
22898 2 months ago segfault during shutdown attempting to log ResourceWarning has patch has PR open emptysquare
30593 2 months ago sqlite3 executescript does not respect isolation_level? has patch open Noah Levitt
27435 2 months ago ctypes library loading and AIX - also for 2.7.X (and later) has patch open
28994 2 months ago Misc fixes and cleanups in error handling C code has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka
22559 2 months ago [2.7] Backport ssl.MemoryBIO to Python 2.7 - PEP 546 has patch has PR open alex
20185 2 months ago Derby #17: Convert 49 sites to Argument Clinic across 13 files has patch has PR open larry
13312 2 months ago test_time fails: strftime('%Y', y) for negative year has patch open flox
28595 2 months ago shlex.shlex should not augment wordchars has patch has PR open evan_
30014 2 months ago Speedup DefaultSelectors.modify() by 2x has patch has PR open giampaolo.rodola
27838 2 months ago test_os.test_chown() failure on koobs-freebsd-{current,9} has patch open haypo
27534 2 months ago IDLE: Reduce number and time for user process imports has patch has PR open terry.reedy
22257 2 months ago PEP 432: Redesign the interpreter startup sequence has patch has PR open ncoghlan
13691 2 months ago pydoc help (or help('help')) should show the doc for help has patch has PR open Devin Jeanpierre
28686 2 months ago py.exe ignored PATH when using python3 shebang has patch open wdhwg001
12815 2 months ago Coverage of has patch open tleeuwenburg
10746 2 months ago ctypes c_long & c_bool have incorrect PEP-3118 type codes has patch has PR open pv
12067 2 months ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open terry.reedy
8136 2 months ago urllib.unquote decodes percent-escapes with Latin-1 has patch open mgiuca
26602 2 months ago argparse doc introduction is inappropriately targeted has patch open Daniel Stone
28867 2 months ago NamedTemporaryFile does not generate a ResourceWarning for unclosed files (unlike TemporaryFile) has patch has PR open jdufresne
30560 2 months ago Py_SetFatalErrorAbortFunc: Allow embedding program to handle fatal errors has patch open thomas.perl
27448 2 months ago Race condition in subprocess.Popen which causes a huge memory leak has patch has PR open aonishuk
13359 2 months ago urllib2 doesn't escape spaces in http requests has patch open davide.rizzo
11783 2 months ago email parseaddr and formataddr should be IDNA aware has patch has PR open r.david.murray
27318 2 months ago Add support for symlinks to zipfile has patch open ldoktor
22393 2 months ago multiprocessing.Pool shouldn't hang forever if a worker process dies unexpectedly has patch open dan.oreilly
17852 2 months ago Built-in module _io can loose data from buffered files at exit has patch has PR open arigo
6721 2 months ago Locks in the standard library should be sanitized on fork has patch open gregory.p.smith
19764 2 months ago subprocess: use PROC_THREAD_ATTRIBUTE_HANDLE_LIST with STARTUPINFOEX on Windows Vista has patch has PR open haypo
30386 2 months ago Add a build infrastructure for Android has patch has PR open xdegaye
30512 2 months ago CAN Socket support for NetBSD has patch open wiz
9544 2 months ago xdrlib.Packer().pack_fstring throws a TypeError when called with a str() has patch open arnoldp
23699 2 months ago Add a macro to ease writing rich comparisons has patch has PR open encukou
26394 2 months ago Have argparse provide ability to require a fallback value be present has patch open quabla
11588 2 months ago Add "necessarily inclusive" groups to argparse has patch open John.Didion
22729 2 months ago `wait` and `as_completed` depend on private api has patch open bwhmather
30485 2 months ago Element.findall(path, dict) doesn't insert null namespace has PR open ben.wainwright
26280 2 months ago ceval: Optimize list[int] (subscript) operation similarly to CPython 2.7 has patch open yselivanov
14111 2 months ago IDLE Debugger should handle interrupts has patch has PR open ltaylor934
30413 2 months ago Add fnmatch.filterfalse function has patch open steven.daprano
9146 2 months ago Segfault in hashlib in OpenSSL FIPS mode using non-FIPS-compliant hashes, if "ssl" imported before "hashlib" has patch has PR open dmalcolm
26219 2 months ago implement per-opcode cache in ceval has patch open yselivanov
30438 2 months ago tarfile would fail to extract tarballs with files under R/O directories (twice) has patch has PR open Yaroslav.Halchenko
28647 2 months ago python --help: -u is misdocumented as binary mode has patch has PR open arigo
18859 2 months ago README.valgrind should mention --with-valgrind has patch open tim.peters
20265 2 months ago Bring Windows docs up to date has patch open zach.ware
9938 2 months ago Documentation for argparse interactive use has patch open jayt
25612 2 months ago nested try..excepts don't work correctly for generators has patch has PR open yselivanov
13897 2 months ago Move fields relevant to sys.exc_info out of frame into generator/threadstate has patch open Mark.Shannon
28401 2 months ago Don't support the PEP384 stable ABI in pydebug builds has patch has PR open stefanor
30416 2 months ago constant folding opens compiler to quadratic time hashing has patch open dalke
20825 2 months ago containment test for "ip_network in ip_network" has patch open exhuma
24658 2 months ago open().write() fails on 2 GB+ data (OS X) has patch has PR open lebigot
23560 2 months ago Group the docs of similar methods in stdtypes.rst has patch has PR open ezio.melotti
30421 2 months ago argparse: relative include of config files has patch has PR open roschi
12978 2 months ago Figure out extended attributes on BSDs has patch has PR open benjamin.peterson
19569 3 months ago Use __attribute__((deprecated)) to warn usage of deprecated functions and macros has patch open haypo
23749 3 months ago asyncio missing wrap_socket (starttls) has patch open gc
28411 3 months ago Eliminate PyInterpreterState.modules. has patch has PR open eric.snow
29895 3 months ago Distutils blows up with an incorrect pypirc, should be caught has patch open Tommy Carpenter
30306 3 months ago release arguments of contextmanager has patch has PR open Martin.Teichmann
19417 3 months ago Bdb: add a unittest file (test.test_bdb) has patch open Colin.Williams
18233 3 months ago SSLSocket.getpeercertchain() has patch open christian.heimes
17446 3 months ago doctest test finder doesnt find line numbers of properties has patch open Ronny.Pfannschmidt
26904 3 months ago Difflib quick_ratio() could use Counter() has patch open mscuthbert
30219 3 months ago outputs xdg-open deprecation warning has patch open desbma
27144 3 months ago concurrent.futures.as_completed() memory inefficiency has patch has PR open grzgrzgrz3
21261 3 months ago Teach IDLE to Autocomplete dictionary keys has patch has PR open rhettinger
26543 3 months ago imaplib noop Debug has patch has PR open Stephen.Evans
29947 3 months ago In SocketServer, why not passing a factory instance for the RequestHandlerClass instead of the class itself? has patch has PR open dominic108
11245 3 months ago Implementation of IMAP IDLE in imaplib? has patch open Shay.Rojansky
14010 3 months ago deeply nested filter segfaults has patch open alex
6931 3 months ago dreadful performance in difflib: ndiff and HtmlDiff has patch open heidar.rafn
24725 3 months ago test_socket testFDPassEmpty fails on OS X 10.11+ with "Cannot allocate memory" has patch has PR open ned.deily
28326 3 months ago multiprocessing.Process depends on sys.stdout being open has patch has PR open Valentin.Lorentz
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