ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To Type Msgs
29645 1 minute ago webbrowser module import has heavy side effects has patch open serhiy.storchaka   performance 3
29648 1/4 hour ago Missed reference to create_module() in versionadded (import.rst) has PR open marco.buttu     1
29647 1/2 an hour ago Python 3.6.0 open Pikec   crash 2
9285 3/4 hours ago Add a profile decorator to profile and cProfile has patch has PR open giampaolo.rodola   enhancement 11
29642 an hour ago Why does still rely on existence of files? has PR open Andrei Fokau   behavior 5
14243 6 hours ago tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile not particularly useful on Windows open dabrahams   enhancement 43
29643 12 hours ago --enable-optimizations compiler flag has no effect has PR open awang   behavior 3
29596 yesterday Unfinished sentense in howto/clinic.rst open mbussonn docs@python   2
26184 yesterday Add versionchanged note for error when create_module() is not defined by loaders has PR open brett.cannon docs@python behavior 3
29414 yesterday Change 'the for statement is such an iterator' in Tutorial has patch has PR open Jim Fasarakis-Hilliard rhettinger   7
29640 yesterday _PyThreadState_Init and fork race leads to inconsistent key list open Ján Stanček   crash 1
29641 yesterday make install failure when using ./configure --enable-optimizations open haypo     4
29465 yesterday Modify _PyObject_FastCall() to reduce stack consumption has patch has PR open haypo   resource usage 17
24905 yesterday Allow incremental I/O to blobs in sqlite3 has patch has PR open jim_minter   enhancement 14
1230540 yesterday sys.excepthook doesn't work in threads open ellisj     11
28747 yesterday Expose SSL_CTX_set_cert_verify_callback has patch open steve.dower steve.dower security 17
20916 yesterday ssl.enum_certificates() will not return all certificates trusted by Windows open Adam.Goodman christian.heimes behavior 7
29104 yesterday Left bracket remains in format string result when '\' preceeds it has patch open Jim Fasarakis-Hilliard eric.smith behavior 16
28556 yesterday upgrades has PR open gvanrossum     15
27435 yesterday ctypes library loading and AIX - also for 2.7.X (and later) has patch open   behavior 19
29537 yesterday Alternative fix for BUILD_MAP_UNPACK_WITH_CALL opcode in 3.5 has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka ncoghlan behavior 5
29615 yesterday SimpleXMLRPCDispatcher._dispatch mangles tracebacks when invoking RPC calls through _dispatch has PR open   behavior 1
29632 yesterday argparse values for action in add_argument() should be flags instead of (or in addition to) strings open pgacv2   enhancement 3
29639 yesterday test suite intentionally avoids referring to localhost, destroying abstraction away from IPv6 vs IPv4 open gregory.p.smith     1
29637 yesterday ast.get_docstring(): AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'expandtabs' has PR open jwilk   behavior 1
29638 yesterday Spurious failures in test_collections in releak hunting mode after typing is imported open levkivskyi levkivskyi resource usage 1
29549 yesterday Improve docstring for str.index has PR open rhettinger lisroach   14
22273 yesterday abort when passing certain structs by value using ctypes has patch open weeble   crash 24
29191 yesterday liblzma is missing from pcbuild.sln has patch open Segev Finer   compile error 3
29624 yesterday Python 3.5.3 x86 web installer cannot install launcher has PR open steve.dower steve.dower crash 4
28909 yesterday Adding LTTng-UST tracing support has patch open Francis Deslauriers lukasz.langa enhancement 8
29514 yesterday Add a test case that prevents magic number changes in minor releases has PR open ncoghlan     36
27593 yesterday Deprecate sys._mercurial and create sys._git has patch has PR open brett.cannon ned.deily   14
16355 yesterday inspect.getcomments() does not work in the interactive shell has patch open marco.buttu docs@python behavior 24
29455 yesterday Mention in trace module documentation has patch has PR open brett.cannon brett.cannon enhancement 4
27413 yesterday Add an option to json.tool to bypass non-ASCII characters. has patch has PR open Wei-Cheng.Pan   enhancement 12
29636 yesterday Specifying indent in the json.tool command has PR open dhimmel   enhancement 1
10379 yesterday locale.format() input regression has PR open barry   behavior 15
24024 yesterday str.__doc__ needs an update has PR open lemburg docs@python enhancement 2
29598 yesterday Write unit tests for pdb module has PR open Artem Muterko     4
29633 yesterday MSI installer does not pass values as SecureProperty from UI open aldehoff   behavior 1
28911 yesterday Clarify the behaviour of assert_called_once_with has patch has PR open 153957 docs@python behavior 6
27840 yesterday functools.partial: don't copy keywoard arguments in partial_call()? has patch has PR open haypo   performance 5
29581 yesterday __init_subclass__ causes TypeError when used with standard library metaclasses (such as ABCMeta) open Nate Soares   behavior 6
23890 yesterday assertRaises increases reference counter has PR open Vjacheslav.Fyodorov   behavior 7
29606 yesterday urllib FTP protocol stream injection open ecbftw   security 1
28598 yesterday RHS not consulted in `str % subclass_of_str` case. has patch has PR open mjpieters   behavior 3
28810 yesterday Document bytecode changes in 3.6 has patch has PR open serhiy.storchaka brett.cannon enhancement 8
29176 2 days ago /tmp does not exist on Android and is used by curses.window.putwin() has patch has PR open xdegaye   security 23
29631 2 days ago Error “importlib.h, importlib_external.h updated. You will need to rebuild pythoncore to see the changes.” is reported when build Python on Winodws open Karen   compile error 1
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