ID Activity Title Status
28911 1/2 an hour ago Clarify the behaviour of assert_called_once_with has patch open
28901 6 hours ago Windows: document that site is not imported by default by embeddable distribution open
28331 11 hours ago "CPython implementation detail:" removed when content translated has patch open
28900 yesterday update 'docs for other versions' open
28635 yesterday Update What's New for 3.6 has patch open
28755 yesterday Rework syntax highlighing in howto/clinic.rst has patch open
26483 yesterday docs unclear on difference between str.isdigit() and str.isdecimal() has patch open
27200 yesterday make doctest in CPython has failures has patch open
28810 yesterday Document bytecode changes in 3.6 has patch open
28895 yesterday Two suggestions for windows.html open
28886 yesterday Move deprecated abc module decorators to separate section in docs open
28091 yesterday Document PEP 525 open
28450 2 days ago Misleading/inaccurate documentation about unknown escape sequences in regular expressions open
28890 2 days ago logging.handlers: Document that QueueListener is a daemon thread open
28089 2 days ago asyncio: Document that TCP_NODELAY is now used by default has patch open
3687 2 days ago Popen() object stdout attribute reassignment behaviour open
28617 3 days ago Why isn't "in" called a comparison operation? has patch open
28090 3 days ago Document PEP 530 open
28845 3 days ago Clean up known issues for AIX has patch open
26683 5 days ago Questionable terminology for describing what locals() does open
27172 5 days ago Undeprecate inspect.getfullargspec() has patch open
17546 5 days ago Document the circumstances where the locals() dict get updated has patch open
26363 5 days ago __builtins__ propagation is misleading described in exec and eval documentation has patch open
22057 5 days ago The doc say all globals are copied on eval(), but only __builtins__ is copied has patch open
21818 6 days ago cookielib documentation references Cookie module, not cookielib.Cookie class has patch open
28794 6 days ago inspect.isasyncgen and inspect.isasyncgenfunction aren't documented has patch open
27779 7 days ago Sync-up docstrings in C version of the the decimal module has patch open
28851 7 days ago namedtuples field_names sequence preferred open
28820 7 days ago Typo in section 6 of the Python 3.4 documentation has patch open
28771 7 days ago Update documented signatures of tp_get/setattr has patch open
22039 1 week ago PyObject_SetAttr doesn't mention value = NULL open
15533 1 week ago subprocess.Popen(cwd) documentation has patch open
28795 1 week ago Misleading stating, that SIGINT handler is installed by default has patch open
14845 1 week ago list(<generator expression>) != [<list comprehension>] open
28816 1 week ago Document if zipimport can respect import hooks to load custom files from zip. open
28749 1 week ago Fixed the documentation of the mapping codec APIs has patch open
9938 1 week ago Documentation for argparse interactive use has patch open
28814 1 week ago Deprecation notice on inspect.getargvalues() is incorrect open
28809 1 week ago mention asyncio.gather non-deterministic task starting order open
28805 1 week ago Add documentation for METH_FASTCALL open
8145 1 week ago Documentation about sqlite3 isolation_level has patch open
28785 1 week ago Clarify the behavior of NotImplemented open
28753 1 week ago Clinic: Converting Your First Function is not up to date has patch open
28784 2 weeks ago shlex.shlex punctuation_chars documentation should use posix=True open
10379 2 weeks ago locale.format() input regression open
16026 2 weeks ago csv.DictReader argument names documented incorrectly has patch open
28710 2 weeks ago Sphinx incompatible markup in configparser.ConfigParser. has patch open
24459 2 weeks ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open
27583 2 weeks ago configparser: modifying default_section at runtime open
28681 2 weeks ago About function renaming in the tutorial has patch open
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