ID Activity Title Status
22952 yesterday multiprocessing doc introduction not in affirmative tone has patch open
22949 yesterday fnmatch.translate doesn't add ^ at the beginning open
22942 2 days ago Language Reference - optional comma open
22581 2 days ago Other mentions of the buffer protocol has patch open
22933 3 days ago Misleading sentence in doc for shutil.move open
22918 4 days ago Doc for __iter__ makes inexact comment about dict.__iter__ open
20467 4 days ago Confusing wording about __init__ has patch open
22914 5 days ago Rewrite of Python 2/3 porting HOWTO has patch open
19980 5 days ago Improve help('non-topic') response has patch open
17311 6 days ago use distutils terminology in "PyPI package display" section open
22394 6 days ago Update documentation building to use venv and pip open
20296 1 week ago PyArg_ParseTuple 2.X docs mention int for "t#", but "Py_ssize_t" for "w#", etc. open
22867 1 week ago document behavior of calling atexit.register() while atexit._run_exitfuncs is running open
18688 1 week ago Document undocumented Unicode object API open
18697 1 week ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation open
22882 1 week ago Document Linux packages you need to compile Python with all dependencies has patch open
22863 1 week ago should make a true 2.7.8 version available open
9694 1 week ago argparse required arguments displayed under "optional arguments" has patch open
22843 1 week ago doc error: 6.2.4. Match Objects open
22875 1 week ago asyncio: call_soon() documentation unclear on timing open
22822 1 week ago IPv6Network constructor docs incorrect about valid input open
16802 1 week ago fileno argument to socket.socket() undocumented has patch open
22865 2 weeks ago Allow pty.spawn to ignore data to copy has patch open
22855 2 weeks ago csv writer with blank lineterminator breaks quoting open
22558 2 weeks ago Missing hint to source code - complete open
22840 2 weeks ago strpdate('20141110', '%Y%m%d%H%S') returns wrong date open
22832 2 weeks ago Tweak parameter names for fcntl module open
22820 2 weeks ago RESTART line with no output open
22812 2 weeks ago Documentation of unittest -p usage wrong on windows. open
22785 3 weeks ago range docstring is less useful than in python 2 open
22797 3 weeks ago urllib.request.urlopen documentation falsely guarantees that a URLError will be raised on errors has patch open
22790 3 weeks ago some class attributes missing from dir(Class) has patch open
8350 3 weeks ago Document lack of support for keyword arguments in C functions has patch open
22317 3 weeks ago action argument is not documented in argparse add_subparser() docs has patch open
22344 3 weeks ago Reorganize unittest.mock docs into linear manner open
22671 3 weeks ago Typo in class io.BufferedIOBase docs open
22357 3 weeks ago inspect module documentation makes no reference to __qualname__ attribute open
22755 3 weeks ago contextlib.closing documentation should use a new example open
22738 3 weeks ago improve 'python -h' documentation for '-c' open
22153 3 weeks ago Documentation of TestCase.runTest is incorrect and confusing has patch open
22232 1 month ago str.splitlines splitting on non-\r\n characters open
22594 1 month ago Add a link to the regex module in re documentation has patch open
22743 1 month ago Specify supported XML version open
22630 1 month ago `concurrent.futures.Future.set_running_or_notify_cancel` does not notify cancel has patch open
22714 1 month ago target of 'import statement' entry in general index for 'i' is wrong open
22702 1 month ago to improve documentation for join() (str method) open
11260 1 month ago smtpd-as-a-script feature should be documented and should use argparse has patch open
17401 1 month ago io.FileIO closefd parameter is not documented nor shown in repr has patch open
22673 1 month ago document the special features (eg: fdclose=False) of the standard streams open
12067 1 month ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open
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