ID Activity Title Status
22865 1 1/2 hours ago Document how to make pty.spawn not copy data has patch open
25294 4 hours ago Absolute imports fail in some cases where relative imports would work open
25314 12 hours ago Documentation: argparse's actions store_{true,false} default to False/True (undocumented) has patch open
22413 yesterday Bizarre StringIO(newline="\r\n") translation has patch open
25299 3 days ago TypeError: __init__() takes at least 4 arguments (4 given) open
25238 3 days ago Version added of context parameter for xmlrpc.client.ServerProxy incorrect open
13305 4 days ago datetime.strftime("%Y") not consistent for years < 1000 has patch open
10021 4 days ago Format parser is too permissive open
16802 4 days ago fileno argument to socket.socket() undocumented has patch open
25296 4 days ago Simple End-of-life guide covering all unsupported versions open
19006 5 days ago UnitTest docs should have a single list of assertions open
20476 5 days ago If new email policies are used, default message factory should be EmailMessage has patch open
25286 5 days ago views are not sequences has patch open
21995 5 days ago Idle: pseudofiles have no buffer attribute. open
25275 6 days ago Documentation v/s behaviour mismatch wrt integer literals containing non-ASCII characters open
24755 6 days ago asyncio.wrap_future undocumented open
23220 1 week ago Documents input/output effects of how IDLE runs user code open
15346 1 week ago Tkinter extention modules have no documentation open
25226 1 week ago "suffix" attribute not documented in logging.TimedRotatingFileHandler open
25205 1 week ago setattr accepts invalid identifiers open
22052 2 weeks ago Comparison operators called in reverse order for subclasses with no override. open
12067 2 weeks ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open
18620 2 weeks ago multiprocessing page leaves out important part of Pool example has patch open
25197 2 weeks ago Allow documentation switcher to change url to /3/ and /dev/ has patch open
14586 2 weeks ago TypeError: truncate() takes no keyword arguments has patch open
23738 2 weeks ago Clarify documentation of positional-only default values has patch open
25170 2 weeks ago 3.5.0 documentation archives missing open
25179 2 weeks ago PEP 498 f-strings need to be documented open
25161 2 weeks ago Missing periods at the end of sentences has patch open
12913 2 weeks ago Add a debugging howto open
25152 2 weeks ago venv documentation doesn't tell you how to specify a particular version of python open
25080 3 weeks ago The example-code for making XML-RPC requests through proxy, fail! open
24899 3 weeks ago Add an os.path <=> pathlib equivalence table in pathlib docs has patch open
16473 3 weeks ago quopri module differences in quoted-printable text with whitespace has patch open
25064 3 weeks ago Adjust tempfile documentation for bytes filename support has patch open
25059 3 weeks ago Mistake in input-output tutorial regarding print() seperator open
25041 3 weeks ago document AF_PACKET socket address format open
25039 3 weeks ago Docs: Link to Stackless Python in Design and History FAQ section is broken open
24937 4 weeks ago Multiple problems in getters & setters in capsulethunk.h has patch open
25017 4 weeks ago htmllib deprecated: Which library to use? Missing sane default in docs open
24475 1 month ago The docs never define what a pool "task" is open
25006 1 month ago List pybind11 binding generator open
23639 1 month ago Not documented special names has patch open
24978 1 month ago Contributing to Python 2x and 3x Documentation. Translation to Russian. open
18697 1 month ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation open
12833 1 month ago raw_input misbehaves when readline is imported has patch open
24911 1 month ago Context manager of socket.socket is not documented has patch open
24921 1 month ago Operator precedence table in 5.15 should be highest to lowest precedence open
24914 1 month ago Python: Not just OO style but this is not mentioned on or in FAQ open
24789 1 month ago ctypes doc string has patch open
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