ID Activity Title Status
23738 2 hours ago Clarify documentation of positional-only default values has patch open
23843 3 hours ago ssl.wrap_socket doesn't handle virtual TLS hosts open
22671 4 hours ago Typo in class io.BufferedIOBase docs has patch open
23756 6 hours ago Tighten definition of bytes-like objects has patch open
23484 12 hours ago SemLock acquire() keyword arg 'blocking' is invalid has patch open
23814 yesterday argparse: Parser level defaults do not always override argument level defaults open
23360 yesterday Content-Type when sending data with urlopen() has patch open
23088 yesterday Document that PyUnicode_AsUTF8() returns a null-terminated string has patch open
22341 2 days ago Python 3 crc32 documentation clarifications has patch open
23758 3 days ago Improve documenation about num_params in sqlite3 create_function and create_aggregate has patch open
19023 3 days ago ctypes docs: Unimplemented and undocumented features has patch open
23806 3 days ago documentation for no_proxy is missing from the python3 urllib documentation open
23787 3 days ago sum() function docstring lists arguments incorrectly has patch open
23802 3 days ago patch: __deepcopy__ memo dict argument usage has patch open
23746 3 days ago sysconfg.is_python_build() is buggy open
23762 5 days ago page on new-style classes should be updated open
13322 6 days ago buffered read() and write() does not raise BlockingIOError has patch open
18620 6 days ago multiprocessing page leaves out important part of Pool example has patch open
2174 6 days ago xml.sax.xmlreader does not support the InputSource protocol open
23743 7 days ago Python crashes upon exit if importing g++ compiled mod after importing gcc compiled mod open
23764 7 days ago Reference inspect.Signature.bind from functools.wraps documentation open
23487 7 days ago argparse: add_subparsers 'action' broken open
23747 1 week ago platform module exposes win32_ver function on posix systems open
23750 1 week ago Clarify difference between os.system/ in section "Replacing os.system()" open
22942 1 week ago Language Reference - optional comma open
23725 1 week ago update tempfile docs to say that TemporaryFile is secure has patch open
5784 1 week ago raw deflate format and zlib module open
17232 1 week ago Improve -O docs has patch open
23733 1 week ago Update porting HOWTO for bytes interpolation open
23732 1 week ago Update porting HOWTO about new -b semantics open
23391 1 week ago Documentation of EnvironmentError (OSError) arguments disappeared has patch open
23730 1 week ago Document return value for ZipFile.extract() open
23674 1 week ago super() documentation isn't very clear open
23698 1 week ago Multiprocessing.Manager: fix behavior and doc inconsistencies open
23662 1 week ago Cookie.domain is undocumented open
16834 1 week ago ioctl mutate_flag behavior in regard to the buffer size limit open
23710 1 week ago C API doc for PyObject_HEAD is outdated open
4395 1 week ago Document auto __ne__ generation; provide a use case for non-trivial __ne__ has patch open
17799 2 weeks ago settrace docs are wrong about "c_call" events open
23702 2 weeks ago still refers to "unbound methods" open
23695 2 weeks ago idiom for clustering a data series into n-length groups open
23677 2 weeks ago Mention dict and set comps in library reference has patch open
23183 2 weeks ago timeit CLI best of 3: undocumented output format has patch open
23684 2 weeks ago urlparse() documentation does not account for default scheme open
22232 2 weeks ago str.splitlines splitting on non-\r\n characters open
23542 2 weeks ago Update PEP 476 for using urllib2.build_opener() open
21818 2 weeks ago cookielib documentation references Cookie module, not cookielib.Cookie class has patch open
23659 2 weeks ago csv.register_dialect doc string open
23556 2 weeks ago Scope for raise without argument is different in Python 2 and 3 open
23639 2 weeks ago Not documented special names open
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