ID Activity Title Status
26916 7 minutes ago Word duplications in PEPs has patch open
26899 yesterday struct.pack_into(), struct.unpack_from() don't document support for negative offsets open
26897 2 days ago Clarify Popen stdin, stdout, stderr open
1944 2 days ago Document PyUnicode_* API has patch open
23897 2 days ago Update Python 3 extension module porting guide open
26889 3 days ago Improve Doc/library/xmlrpc.client.rst has patch open
8491 3 days ago Need readline command and keybinding information open
10436 4 days ago tarfile.extractfile in "r|" stream mode fails with filenames or members from getmembers() open
23453 4 days ago Clarify bytes vs text with non-seeking tarfile stream open
26869 4 days ago unittest longMessage docs open
25461 5 days ago Unclear language (the word ineffective) in the documentation for os.walk has patch open
24147 6 days ago Dialect class defaults are not documented. has patch open
26512 6 days ago Vocabulary: Using "integral" in library/stdtypes.html has patch open
16679 1 week ago Add advice about non-ASCII wsgiref PATH_INFO has patch open
26829 1 week ago update docs: when creating classes a new dict is created for the final class object open
12743 1 week ago C API marshalling doc contains XXX has patch open
26817 1 week ago Docs for StringIO should link to io.BytesIO open
26806 1 week ago IDLE not displaying RecursionError tracebacks open
20001 1 week ago pathlib inheritance diagram too large open
22558 1 week ago Missing doc links to source code has patch open
4260 1 week ago ctypes.xFUNCTYPE are decorators. open
11233 1 week ago clarifying Availability: Unix has patch open
23710 1 week ago C API doc for PyObject_HEAD is outdated open
13826 2 weeks ago Having a shlex example in the subprocess.Popen docs is confusing open
26792 2 weeks ago docstrings of runpy.run_{module,path} are rather sparse open
26638 2 weeks ago Avoid warnings about missing CLI options when building documentation has patch open
20699 2 weeks ago Document that binary IO classes work with bytes-likes objects has patch open
16399 2 weeks ago argparse: append action with default list adds to list instead of overriding open
25910 2 weeks ago Fixing links in documentation has patch open
24136 2 weeks ago document PEP 448: unpacking generalization has patch open
26736 3 weeks ago Use HTTPS protocol in links has patch open
11205 3 weeks ago Evaluation order of dictionary display is different from reference manual. has patch open
10289 3 weeks ago Document magic methods called by built-in functions has patch open
26703 3 weeks ago Socket state corrupts when original socket object goes out of scope in a different thread open
26701 3 weeks ago Documentation for int constructor mentions __int__ but not __trunc__ open
26696 3 weeks ago Document open
26695 3 weeks ago pickle and _pickle accelerator have different behavior when unpickling an object with falsy __getstate__ return open
5901 1 month ago missing meta-info in documentation pdf open
26683 1 month ago Questionable terminology for describing what locals() does open
26665 1 month ago pip is not bootstrapped by default on 2.7 open
26656 1 month ago Documentation for re.compile is a bit outdated open
26629 1 month ago Need an ability to build standard DLLs with distutils open
22401 1 month ago argparse: 'resolve' conflict handler damages the actions of the parent parser has patch open
26602 1 month ago argparse doc introduction is inappropriately targeted has patch open
26608 1 month ago RLock undocumented behavior in case of multiple acquire open
26506 1 month ago hex() documentation: mention "%x" % int has patch open
26582 1 month ago asyncio documentation links to wrong CancelledError open
24459 1 month ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page open
26597 1 month ago Document how to cite Python open
26267 1 month ago UUID docs should say how to get "standard form" open
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