ID Activity Title Status
28814 2 hours ago Deprecation notice on inspect.getargvalues() is incorrect has PR open
16011 6 hours ago "in" should be consistent with return value of __contains__ has PR open
28810 yesterday Document bytecode changes in 3.6 has patch open
10938 yesterday Provide links to system specific strftime/ptime docs has PR open
29549 yesterday Improve docstring for str.index has PR open
29586 yesterday Cannot run pip in fresh install of py 3.5.3 open
28331 yesterday "CPython implementation detail:" removed when content translated has patch has PR open
29596 yesterday Unfinished sentense in howto/clinic.rst open
29601 2 days ago Need reST markup for enum types open
9267 2 days ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open
28886 2 days ago Move deprecated abc module decorators to separate section in docs has patch has PR open
29521 3 days ago Minor warning messages when compiling documentation has PR open
11924 3 days ago Pickle and copyreg modules don't document the interface open
20823 3 days ago Clarify copyreg.pickle() documentation has patch open
27635 3 days ago pickle documentation says that unpickling may not call __new__ open
18423 3 days ago Document limitations on -m has PR open
29506 3 days ago Incorrect documentation for the copy module has PR open
22702 3 days ago to improve documentation for join() (str method) has PR open
27470 3 days ago -3 commandline option documented differently via man has PR open
19180 3 days ago some RFC references could be updated has PR open
21056 3 days ago csv documentation is incorrect has PR open
29026 4 days ago time.time() documentation should mention UTC timezone has patch has PR open
5945 4 days ago PyMapping_Check returns 1 for lists has PR open
29247 4 days ago Document return value of epoll.poll has patch open
29557 6 days ago binhex documentation claims unknown bug has PR open
11165 6 days ago Document PyEval_Call* functions open
11173 7 days ago Undocumented public APIs in Python 3.2 open
26213 1 week ago Document BUILD_*_UNPACK opcodes open
29428 1 week ago Doctest documentation unclear about multi-line fixtures has PR open
29387 1 week ago Tabs vs spaces FAQ out of date has patch has PR open
28739 1 week ago PEP 498: docstrings as f-strings open
22594 1 week ago Add a link to the regex module in re documentation has patch open
29455 2 weeks ago Mention in trace module documentation has patch open
23980 2 weeks ago Documentation for format units starting with 'e' is inconsistent open
24459 2 weeks ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open
18069 2 weeks ago Subprocess searches special directories before PATH on Windows open
29414 2 weeks ago Change 'the for statement is such an iterator' in Tutorial has patch open
15533 2 weeks ago subprocess.Popen(cwd) documentation: Posix vs Windows has patch open
29430 2 weeks ago zipfile: invalid link open
28972 2 weeks ago Document all "python -m" utilities open
28749 2 weeks ago Fixed the documentation of the mapping codec APIs has patch open
29344 2 weeks ago sock_recv not detected a coroutine has patch open
27200 2 weeks ago make doctest in CPython has failures has patch open
12067 3 weeks ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open
29374 3 weeks ago Doc: signal.sig(timed)wait do not work outside the main thread open
29236 3 weeks ago 'an ASCII string of one or more PEM-encoded certificates' needs to be unicode open
28845 4 weeks ago Clean up known issues for AIX has patch open
29352 4 weeks ago provide the authorative source for s[i:j] negative slice indices (<-len(s)) behavior for standard sequences has patch open
19500 4 weeks ago Add client-side SSL session resumption has patch open
29341 1 month ago Missing accepting path-like object in docstrings of os module functions open
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