ID Activity Title Status
23589 yesterday Redundant sentence in FAQ has patch open
23579 yesterday links open
23512 yesterday The list of built-in functions is not alphabetical on has patch open
23549 yesterday heapq docs should be more precise about how to access the smallest element has patch open
22933 2 days ago Misleading sentence in doc for shutil.move open
17352 2 days ago Be clear that __prepare__ must be declared as a class method open
23560 2 days ago Group the docs of similar methods in stdtypes.rst open
12067 3 days ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open
23460 3 days ago Decimals do not obey ':g' exponential notation formatting rules open
22812 3 days ago Documentation of unittest -p usage wrong on windows. open
22785 3 days ago range docstring is less useful than in python 2 open
22942 3 days ago Language Reference - optional comma open
23320 3 days ago devguide should mention rules about "paragraph reflow" in the documentation open
23312 3 days ago google thinks the docs are mobile unfriendly open
23455 3 days ago file iterator "deemed broken"; can resume after StopIteration open
22832 3 days ago Tweak parameter names for fcntl module has patch open
3931 4 days ago codecs.charmap_build is untested and undocumented open
1724366 4 days ago cPickle module doesn't work with universal line endings open
6911 4 days ago Document changes in asynchat has patch open
23484 4 days ago SemLock acquire() keyword arg 'blocking' is invalid open
23557 4 days ago Misc/SpecialBuilds.txt contains outdated information about PYMALLOC_DEBUG open
23554 4 days ago EchoServerClientProtocol class should be called EchoServerProtocol open
23542 5 days ago Update PEP 476 for using urllib2.build_opener() open
23391 5 days ago Documentation of EnvironmentError (OSError) arguments disappeared has patch open
23200 5 days ago Clarify max_length and flush() for zlib decompression has patch open
22341 5 days ago Python 3 crc32 documentation clarifications has patch open
23088 5 days ago Document that PyUnicode_AsUTF8() returns a null-terminated string has patch open
23525 5 days ago isbuiltin, isroutine, etc. open
23254 5 days ago Document how to close the TCPServer listening socket has patch open
23532 6 days ago add example of 'first match wins' to regex "|" documentation? open
23536 6 days ago Add explicit information on config file format not supporting filters open
21889 1 week ago doesn't explain exception open
20683 1 week ago Add example to tutorial namespace doc, section 9.2 open
23522 1 week ago Misleading note in Statistics module documentation open
13077 1 week ago Unclear behavior of daemon threads on main thread exit open
21314 1 week ago Document '/' in signatures open
20459 1 week ago No Argument Clinic documentation on how to specify a return converter open
20346 1 week ago Argument Clinic: missing entry in table mapping legacy convertors to real AC converters has patch open
9938 1 week ago Documentation for argparse interactive use has patch open
23514 1 week ago multiprocessing documentation - little more examples for parallel computing open
20699 1 week ago Document that binary IO classes work with bytes-likes objects has patch open
23322 1 week ago parser module docs missing second example has patch open
23495 1 week ago The writer.writerows method should be documented as accepting any iterable (not only a list) open
19023 1 week ago ctypes docs: Unimplemented and undocumented features has patch open
21257 1 week ago Document parse_headers function of http.client open
22000 1 week ago cross type comparisons clarification open
12855 2 weeks ago linebreak sequences should be better documented has patch open
18610 2 weeks ago wsgiref.validate expects wsgi.input read to give exactly one arg has patch open
5739 2 weeks ago Language reference is ambiguous regarding next() method lookup open
20598 2 weeks ago argparse docs: '7'.split() is confusing magic open
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