ID Activity Title Status
22154 1 1/2 hours ago context manager support has patch open
22301 3 hours ago smtplib.SMTP.starttls' documentation is just confusing has patch open
22317 yesterday action argument is not documented in argparse add_subparser() docs open
22305 yesterday Documentation on deepcopy's problems is misleading open
22261 2 days ago Document how to use Concurrent Build when using MsBuild has patch open
21072 2 days ago Python docs and downloads not available for Egypt open
10225 2 days ago Fix doctest runable examples in python manual has patch open
10536 2 days ago Enhancements to gettext docs has patch open
21910 2 days ago File protocol should document if writelines must handle generators sensibly open
5879 2 days ago multiprocessing example "pool of http servers " fails on windows open
17286 3 days ago Make subprocess handling text output with universal_newlines more obious open
20468 3 days ago resource module documentation is incorrect has patch open
22295 3 days ago Clarify available commands for package installation open
21611 3 days ago int() docstring - unclear what number is open
12067 5 days ago Doc: remove errors about mixed-type comparisons. has patch open
12855 6 days ago linebreak sequences should be better documented has patch open
12933 7 days ago Update or remove claims that distutils requires external programs has patch open
22232 7 days ago str.splitlines splitting on non-\r\n characters open
15125 1 week ago argparse: positional arguments containing - in name not handled well has patch open
22251 1 week ago Various markup errors in documentation has patch open
22249 1 week ago Possibly incorrect example is given for socket.getaddrinfo() open
22237 1 week ago sorted() docs should state that the sort is stable open
22242 1 week ago Doc fix in the Import section in language reference. has patch open
22014 1 week ago Improve display of OS exception <-> errno mapping has patch open
7951 2 weeks ago Should str.format allow negative indexes when used for __getitem__ access? has patch open
10583 2 weeks ago Encoding issue with chm help in 2.7.1 open
22153 2 weeks ago There is no standard TestCase.runTest implementation has patch open
22186 2 weeks ago Typos in .py files has patch open
22196 2 weeks ago namedtuple documentation could/should mention the new Enum type open
12954 2 weeks ago Multiprocessing logging under Windows open
10608 2 weeks ago Add a section to Windows FAQ explaining os.symlink has patch open
21514 3 weeks ago update json module docs in light of RFC 7159 & ECMA-404 has patch open
16893 3 weeks ago Create IDLE help.txt from Doc/library/idle.rst has patch open
14944 3 weeks ago Setup & Usage documentation for pydoc, idle & 2to3 open
22155 3 weeks ago Out of date code example for tkinter's createfilehandler open
22167 3 weeks ago iglob() has misleading documentation (does indeed store names internally) open
15428 3 weeks ago add "Name Collision" section to argparse docs open
20598 3 weeks ago argparse docs: '7'.split() is confusing magic open
18620 3 weeks ago multiprocessing page leaves out important part of Pool example open
16399 3 weeks ago argparse: append action with default list adds to list instead of overriding open
18841 3 weeks ago math.isfinite fails with Decimal sNAN open
22046 3 weeks ago should mention that it might throw NotImplementedError has patch open
22128 3 weeks ago patch: steer people away from has patch open
13553 3 weeks ago Tkinter Tk args and Gnome Shell application name open
22000 3 weeks ago cross type comparisons clarification open
18069 3 weeks ago Subprocess picks the wrong executable on Windows open
20135 1 month ago FAQ need list mutation answers has patch open
18697 1 month ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation open
18423 1 month ago Document limitations on -m open
22088 1 month ago base64 module still ignores non-alphabet characters open
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