ID Activity Title Status
21204 1/2 an hour ago multiprocessing example does not work on Windows open
21289 4 hours ago make.bat not building documentation open
21300 6 hours ago Docs (incorrectly) suggest email.policy.default is the default policy open
21297 8 hours ago skipinitialspace in the csv module only skips spaces, not "whitespace" in general open
21202 yesterday Naming a file`` causes cryptic error message open
15414 yesterday os.path.join behavior on Windows (ntpath.join) is unexpected and not well documented open
16484 yesterday pydoc generates invalid link for xml.etree.ElementTree and other modules open
9364 yesterday some problems with the documentation of pydoc open
21279 yesterday str.translate documentation incomplete open
4744 yesterday asynchat documentation needs to be more precise open
21108 yesterday Add examples for importlib in doc open
5904 yesterday strftime docs do not explain locale effect on result string open
21240 yesterday Add an abstactmethod directive to the Python ReST domain open
21071 yesterday struct.Struct.format is bytes, but should be str open
12148 yesterday Clarify "or-ing together" doctest option flags open
21227 yesterday Decimal class error messages for integer division aren't good open
18243 yesterday mktime_tz documentation out-of-date open
21237 2 days ago Update Python 2/3 porting HOWTO's suggestion for dealing with map() open
21228 2 days ago Missing enumeration of HTTPResponse Objects methods of urllib.request.urlopen's http.client.HTTPResponse? open
21146 3 days ago update gzip usage examples in docs open
21232 3 days ago Use of '1' instead of 'True' as 'splitlines' argument in difflib documentation open
15104 3 days ago Unclear language in __main__ description open
18262 3 days ago ZipInfo.external_attr are not documented open
21198 3 days ago Minor tarfile documentation bug open
16278 3 days ago Improve os.rename documentation and tests open
10318 3 days ago "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs open
18518 4 days ago return-ing within code timed with timeit.timeit causes wrong return value of timeit.timeit open
10965 4 days ago dev task of documenting undocumented APIs open
17380 4 days ago initproc return value is unclear open
21221 4 days ago Minor struct_time documentation bug open
19980 4 days ago Improve help('non-topic') response open
21196 4 days ago Name mangling example in Python tutorial open
7951 4 days ago Should str.format allow negative indexes when used for __getitem__ access? open
20702 5 days ago warning in cmdline.rst open
21195 7 days ago None float format: incomplete documentation open
20351 7 days ago Add doc examples for DictReader and DictWriter open
11975 1 week ago Fix referencing of built-in types (list, int, ...) open
21150 1 week ago Add quick links table to argparse docs open
21189 1 week ago Broken link to patch open
17145 1 week ago memoryview(array.array) open
1887 1 week ago Document that distutils doesn't support out-of-source builds open
18478 1 week ago Class bodies: when does a name become local? open
21157 2 weeks ago Update imp docs for a PEP 451 world open
20969 2 weeks ago Author of EPUB version of Python docs is set to Unknown instead of PSF open
21034 2 weeks ago Python docs reference the Distribute package which has been deprecated in favor of Setuptools open
4712 2 weeks ago Document pickle behavior for subclasses of dicts/lists open
14198 2 weeks ago Backport parts of the new memoryview documentation open
21078 2 weeks ago multiprocessing.managers.BaseManager.__init__'s "serializer" argument is not documented open
19871 2 weeks ago json module won't parse a float that starts with a decimal point open
21063 3 weeks ago Touch up one-line descriptions of modules for module index open
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