ID Activity Title Status
21347 an hour ago Don't use a list argument together with shell=True in subprocess' docs open
16827 yesterday Remove the relatively advanced content from section 2 in tutorial open
17386 yesterday Bring Doc/make.bat as close to Doc/Makefile as possible open
21333 yesterday Document recommended exception for objects that shouldn't be pickled open
21228 2 days ago Missing enumeration of HTTPResponse Objects methods of urllib.request.urlopen's http.client.HTTPResponse? open
21314 3 days ago Bizarre help open
21221 3 days ago Minor struct_time documentation bug open
20969 3 days ago Author of EPUB version of Python docs is set to Unknown instead of PSF open
8387 4 days ago use universal newline mode in csv module examples open
21297 4 days ago csv.skipinitialspace only skips spaces, not "whitespace" in general open
4744 4 days ago asynchat documentation needs to be more precise open
20351 5 days ago Add doc examples for DictReader and DictWriter open
21279 5 days ago str.translate documentation incomplete open
21204 6 days ago multiprocessing example does not work on Windows open
21300 6 days ago Docs (incorrectly) suggest email.policy.default is the default policy open
21202 6 days ago Naming a file`` causes cryptic error message open
15414 6 days ago os.path.join behavior on Windows (ntpath.join) is unexpected and not well documented open
16484 7 days ago pydoc generates invalid link for xml.etree.ElementTree and other modules open
21108 7 days ago Add examples for importlib in doc open
5904 7 days ago strftime docs do not explain locale effect on result string open
21240 7 days ago Add an abstactmethod directive to the Python ReST domain open
21071 7 days ago struct.Struct.format is bytes, but should be str open
12148 7 days ago Clarify "or-ing together" doctest option flags open
21227 7 days ago Decimal class error messages for integer division aren't good open
18243 7 days ago mktime_tz documentation out-of-date open
21237 1 week ago Update Python 2/3 porting HOWTO's suggestion for dealing with map() open
21146 1 week ago update gzip usage examples in docs open
15104 1 week ago Unclear language in __main__ description open
18262 1 week ago ZipInfo.external_attr are not documented open
21198 1 week ago Minor tarfile documentation bug open
16278 1 week ago Improve os.rename documentation and tests open
10318 1 week ago "make altinstall" installs many files with incorrect shebangs open
18518 1 week ago return-ing within code timed with timeit.timeit causes wrong return value of timeit.timeit open
10965 1 week ago dev task of documenting undocumented APIs open
17380 1 week ago initproc return value is unclear open
19980 1 week ago Improve help('non-topic') response open
21196 1 week ago Name mangling example in Python tutorial open
7951 1 week ago Should str.format allow negative indexes when used for __getitem__ access? open
20702 1 week ago warning in cmdline.rst open
21195 1 week ago None float format: incomplete documentation open
11975 2 weeks ago Fix referencing of built-in types (list, int, ...) open
21150 2 weeks ago Add quick links table to argparse docs open
21189 2 weeks ago Broken link to patch open
17145 2 weeks ago memoryview(array.array) open
1887 2 weeks ago Document that distutils doesn't support out-of-source builds open
18478 2 weeks ago Class bodies: when does a name become local? open
21157 2 weeks ago Update imp docs for a PEP 451 world open
21034 3 weeks ago Python docs reference the Distribute package which has been deprecated in favor of Setuptools open
4712 3 weeks ago Document pickle behavior for subclasses of dicts/lists open
14198 3 weeks ago Backport parts of the new memoryview documentation open
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