ID Activity Title Status
26294 yesterday Queue().unfinished_tasks not in docs - deliberate? open
26286 yesterday dis module: coroutine opcode documentation clarity open
6953 yesterday readline documentation needs work has patch open
26252 yesterday Add an example to importlib docs on setting up an importer open
26209 2 days ago TypeError in smtpd module with string arguments open
26256 2 days ago Fast decimalisation and conversion to other bases open
26261 3 days ago NamedTemporaryFile documentation is vague about the `name` attribute open
26267 3 days ago UUID docs should say how to get "standard form" open
26247 5 days ago Document Chrome/Chromium for python2.7 open
26246 5 days ago Code output toggle button uses removed jQuery method has patch open
24110 5 days ago zipfile.ZipFile.write() does not accept bytes arcname open
26240 6 days ago Docstring of the subprocess module should be cleaned up open
26225 6 days ago New misleading wording in execution model documenation open
26235 6 days ago argparse docs: Positional * argument in mutually exclusive group requires a default parameter open
26205 6 days ago Inconsistency concerning nested scopes open
26198 7 days ago PyArg_ParseTuple with format "et#" and "es#" detects overflow by raising TypeError instead of ValueError has patch open
25314 7 days ago Documentation: argparse's actions store_{true,false} default to False/True (undocumented) has patch open
20598 1 week ago argparse docs: '7'.split() is confusing magic has patch open
26160 1 week ago Tutorial incorrectly claims that (explicit) relative imports don't work in the main module open
16731 1 week ago xxlimited/xxmodule docstrings ambiguous has patch open
26224 1 week ago Add "version added" for documentation of asyncio.timeout for documentation of python 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 has patch open
19225 1 week ago lack of PyExc_BufferError doc has patch open
9694 1 week ago argparse required arguments displayed under "optional arguments" has patch open
26213 1 week ago Document BUILD_*_UNPACK opcodes open
25907 1 week ago Documentation i18n: Added trans tags in sphinx templates has patch open
26149 1 week ago Suggest PyCharm Community as an editor for Unix platforms open
26095 1 week ago Update porting HOWTO to special-case Python 2 code, not Python 3 open
26176 2 weeks ago EmailMessage example doesn't work open
8519 2 weeks ago doc: termios and ioctl reference links has patch open
26158 2 weeks ago File truncate() not defaulting to current position as documented open
26124 2 weeks ago shlex.quote and pipes.quote do not quote shell keywords open
26141 2 weeks ago typing module documentation incomplete open
13743 2 weeks ago xml.dom.minidom.Document class is not documented open
26094 2 weeks ago ConfigParser.get() doc to be updated according to the header doc open
26120 3 weeks ago pydoc: move __future__ imports out of the DATA block open
26111 3 weeks ago On Windows, os.scandir will keep a handle on the directory until the iterator is exhausted open
26103 3 weeks ago Contradiction in definition of "data descriptor" between (dotted lookup behavior/datamodel documentation) and (inspect lib/descriptor how-to) open
24918 3 weeks ago Docs layout bug has patch open
24712 3 weeks ago Docs page's sidebar vibrates on mouse wheel scroll on Chrome. open
22167 3 weeks ago iglob() has misleading documentation (does indeed store names internally) open
25170 3 weeks ago 3.5.0 documentation archives missing open
8810 3 weeks ago TZ offset description is unclear in docs has patch open
9305 3 weeks ago Don't use east/west of UTC in date/time documentation has patch open
18911 3 weeks ago minidom does not encode correctly when calling Document.writexml open
26052 3 weeks ago pydoc for __init__ with not docstring open
26051 3 weeks ago Non-data descriptors in pydoc open
26019 4 weeks ago documentation incomplete has patch open
26020 1 month ago set_display evaluation order doesn't match documented behaviour has patch open
22088 1 month ago base64 module still ignores non-alphabet characters has patch open
23921 1 month ago Standardize documentation whitespace, formatting has patch open
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