ID Activity Title Status
29892 10 hours ago change statement for open() is splited into two part in middle of sentence. open
29888 yesterday The link referring to "Python download page" is broken open
29886 yesterday links between binascii.{un,}hexlify / bytes.{,to}hex has PR open
29879 yesterday typing.Text not available in python 3.5.1 has PR open
14003 3 days ago __self__ on built-in functions is not as documented open
29844 4 days ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 open
29352 6 days ago provide the authorative source for s[i:j] negative slice indices (<-len(s)) behavior for standard sequences has patch has PR open
29829 7 days ago Documentation lacks clear warning of subprocess issue with pythonw open
28415 7 days ago PyUnicode_FromFormat integer format handling different from printf about zeropad open
29725 1 week ago sqlite3.Cursor doesn't properly document "arraysize" open
29521 1 week ago Minor warning messages when compiling documentation has PR open
29387 1 week ago Tabs vs spaces FAQ out of date has patch has PR open
29807 1 week ago ArgParse page in library reference rewrite open
28810 1 week ago Document bytecode changes in 3.6 has patch has PR open
26602 1 week ago argparse doc introduction is inappropriately targeted has patch open
29688 1 week ago Add support for Path.absolute() has PR open
8450 1 week ago httplib: false BadStatusLine() raised open
27200 1 week ago make doctest in CPython has failures has patch has PR open
24755 1 week ago asyncio.wrap_future undocumented has PR open
29791 1 week ago print documentation: flush is also a keyword argument open
29751 2 weeks ago PyLong_FromString documentation wrong on numbers with leading zero and base=0 open
19225 2 weeks ago lack of PyExc_BufferError doc has patch open
1283110 2 weeks ago Give __len__() advice for "don't know" has patch open
5945 2 weeks ago PyMapping_Check returns 1 for lists has PR open
29557 2 weeks ago binhex documentation claims unknown bug has PR open
29710 2 weeks ago Incorrect representation caveat on bitwise operation docs open
29651 2 weeks ago Inconsistent/undocumented urlsplit/urlparse behavior on invalid inputs open
29677 3 weeks ago clarify docs about 'round()' accepting a negative integer for ndigits has PR open
29414 3 weeks ago Change 'the for statement is such an iterator' in Tutorial has patch has PR open
17894 3 weeks ago Edits to descriptor howto has patch open
29660 3 weeks ago Document that print/format_exception ignore etype has PR open
29596 3 weeks ago Unfinished sentense in howto/clinic.rst open
29549 4 weeks ago Improve docstring for str.index has PR open
10379 4 weeks ago locale.format() input regression has PR open
24024 4 weeks ago str.__doc__ needs an update has PR open
16575 1 month ago ctypes: unions as arguments open
16011 1 month ago "in" should be consistent with return value of __contains__ has PR open
29586 1 month ago Cannot run pip in fresh install of py 3.5.3 open
29601 1 month ago Need reST markup for enum types open
9267 1 month ago Update pickle opcode documentation in pickletools for 3.x open
28886 1 month ago Move deprecated abc module decorators to separate section in docs has patch has PR open
11924 1 month ago Pickle and copyreg modules don't document the interface open
20823 1 month ago Clarify copyreg.pickle() documentation has patch open
27635 1 month ago pickle documentation says that unpickling may not call __new__ open
29506 1 month ago Incorrect documentation for the copy module has PR open
22702 1 month ago to improve documentation for join() (str method) has PR open
27470 1 month ago -3 commandline option documented differently via man has PR open
19180 1 month ago some RFC references could be updated has PR open
21056 1 month ago csv documentation is incorrect has PR open
29247 1 month ago Document return value of epoll.poll has patch open
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