ID Activity Title Status
22952 2 hours ago multiprocessing doc introduction not in affirmative tone has patch open
23100 2 hours ago multiprocessing doc organization impedes understanding open
22671 2 hours ago Typo in class io.BufferedIOBase docs has patch open
23088 3 hours ago Document that PyUnicode_AsUTF8() returns a null-terminated string has patch open
21279 5 hours ago str.translate documentation incomplete has patch open
19548 9 hours ago 'codecs' module docs improvements has patch open
23061 yesterday Update pep8 to specify explicitly 'module level' imports at top of file has patch open
19539 yesterday The 'raw_unicode_escape' codec buggy + not appropriate for Python 3.x open
22673 2 days ago document the special features (eg: fdclose=False) of the standard streams open
12600 2 days ago Add example of using load_tests to parameterise Test Cases open
21071 3 days ago struct.Struct.format is bytes, but should be str has patch open
9694 3 days ago argparse required arguments displayed under "optional arguments" has patch open
22341 3 days ago Python 3 crc32 documentation clarifications has patch open
23081 4 days ago Document PySequence_List(o) as equivalent to list(o) has patch open
23079 4 days ago os.path.normcase documentation confusing open
16893 5 days ago Generate Idle help from Doc/library/idle.rst has patch open
19737 5 days ago Documentation of globals() and locals() should be improved has patch open
16776 6 days ago Document PyCFunction_New and PyCFunction_NewEx functions open
23054 6 days ago ConnectionError: ('Connection aborted.', BadStatusLine(""''''")) open
23017 1 week ago string.printable.isprintable() returns False has patch open
23040 1 week ago Better documentation for the urlencode safe parameter has patch open
23013 1 week ago Tweak wording for importlib.util.LazyLoader in regards to Loader.create_module() open
23025 1 week ago ssl.RAND_bytes docs should mention os.urandom has patch open
23019 1 week ago pyexpat.errors wrongly bound to message strings instead of message codes open
14787 1 week ago pkgutil.walk_packages returns extra modules open
19164 2 weeks ago Update uuid.UUID TypeError exception: integer should not be an argument. has patch open
22153 2 weeks ago Documentation of TestCase.runTest is incorrect and confusing has patch open
21228 2 weeks ago Missing enumeration of HTTPResponse Objects methods of urllib.request.urlopen's http.client.HTTPResponse? has patch open
22989 2 weeks ago HTTPResponse.msg not as documented open
21557 2 weeks ago os.popen & os.system lack shell-related security warnings has patch open
22997 2 weeks ago Minor improvements to "Functional API" section of Enum documentation has patch open
20692 2 weeks ago Tutorial and FAQ: how to call a method on an int has patch open
22988 2 weeks ago No error when yielding from `finally` open
22356 2 weeks ago mention explicitly that stdlib assumes gmtime(0) epoch is 1970 has patch open
20467 3 weeks ago Confusing wording about __init__ has patch open
22949 3 weeks ago fnmatch.translate doesn't add ^ at the beginning open
22942 3 weeks ago Language Reference - optional comma open
22933 4 weeks ago Misleading sentence in doc for shutil.move open
19980 1 month ago Improve help('non-topic') response has patch open
17311 1 month ago use distutils terminology in "PyPI package display" section open
20296 1 month ago PyArg_ParseTuple 2.X docs mention int for "t#", but "Py_ssize_t" for "w#", etc. open
22867 1 month ago document behavior of calling atexit.register() while atexit._run_exitfuncs is running open
18688 1 month ago Document undocumented Unicode object API open
18697 1 month ago Unify arguments names in Unicode object C API documentation open
22882 1 month ago Document Linux packages you need to compile Python with all dependencies has patch open
22863 1 month ago should make a true 2.7.8 version available open
22843 1 month ago doc error: 6.2.4. Match Objects open
22822 1 month ago IPv6Network constructor docs incorrect about valid input open
16802 1 month ago fileno argument to socket.socket() undocumented has patch open
22865 1 month ago Allow pty.spawn to ignore data to copy has patch open
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