ID Activity Title Status
26665 1 1/2 hours ago pip is not bootstrapped by default on 2.7 open
27420 10 hours ago Docs for - say what happens if link already exists open
1732367 yesterday Document the constants in the socket module has patch open
27285 yesterday Document the deprecation of pyvenv in favor of `python3 -m venv` open
27409 yesterday List socket.SO_*, SCM_*, MSG_*, IPPROTO_* symbols has patch open
27408 yesterday Document implements get_data() open
27385 2 days ago itertools.groupby has misleading doc string has patch open
27387 3 days ago Thread hangs on str.encode() when locale is not set open
20842 5 days ago pkgutil docs should reference glossary terms not PEP 302 has patch open
20674 5 days ago Update comments in dictobject.c has patch open
27351 5 days ago Unexpected behavior when passed fileobject open
27344 6 days ago zipfile *does* support utf-8 filenames open
12833 1 week ago Document the need to pass the prompt to raw_input() with readline has patch open
15243 1 week ago Misleading documentation for __prepare__ has patch open
23360 1 week ago Content-Type when sending data with urlopen() has patch open
27340 1 week ago bytes-like objects with socket.sendall(), SSL, and http.client open
27335 1 week ago Clarify that writing to locals() inside a class body is supported open
26985 2 weeks ago Information about CodeType in inspect documentation is outdated has patch open
6057 2 weeks ago sqlite3 error classes should be documented has patch open
27329 2 weeks ago Document behavior when CDLL is called with None as an argument on POSIX systems open
26582 2 weeks ago asyncio documentation links to wrong CancelledError has patch open
27263 2 weeks ago Tkinter sets the HOME environment variable, breaking scripts open
27163 2 weeks ago IDLE entry for What's New in Python 3.6 open
27293 2 weeks ago Summarize issues related to urandom, getrandom etc in secrets documentation open
26213 2 weeks ago Document BUILD_*_UNPACK opcodes open
26545 2 weeks ago os.walk is limited by python's recursion limit open
22822 2 weeks ago IPv6Network constructor docs incorrect about valid input open
27283 2 weeks ago Add a "What's New" entry for PEP 519 open
27242 3 weeks ago Make the docs for NotImplemented & NotImplementedError unambiguous has patch open
27050 3 weeks ago Demote run() below the high level APIs in subprocess docs open
22942 3 weeks ago Language Reference - optional comma open
27180 3 weeks ago Doc/pathlib: Please describe the behaviour of Path().rename() is depends on the platform (same as os.rename()) open
27259 3 weeks ago Possible missing deprecation warnings? open
26329 3 weeks ago os.path.normpath("//") returns // has patch open
24459 3 weeks ago Mention PYTHONFAULTHANDLER in the man page has patch open
19489 3 weeks ago move quick search box above TOC open
27212 3 weeks ago Doc for itertools, 'islice()' implementation have unwanted behavior for recipe 'consume()' open
27210 3 weeks ago Failing doctests due to environmental dependencies in Lib/*lib.rst has patch open
27209 3 weeks ago Failing doctests in Library/email.*.rst has patch open
27208 3 weeks ago Failing doctests in Library/traceback.rst has patch open
27207 3 weeks ago Failing doctests in Doc/whatsnew/3.2.rst has patch open
27206 3 weeks ago Failing doctests in Doc/tutorial/ has patch open
27205 3 weeks ago Failing doctests in Library/collections.rst has patch open
20408 3 weeks ago memoryview() constructor documentation error has patch open
23061 3 weeks ago Update pep8 to specify explicitly 'module level' imports at top of file has patch open
21864 3 weeks ago Error in documentation of point 9.8 'Exceptions are classes too' has patch open
22374 4 weeks ago Replace contextmanager example and improve explanation has patch open
21196 4 weeks ago Name mangling example in Python tutorial has patch open
18085 4 weeks ago Verifying refcounts.dat has patch open
22232 1 month ago str.splitlines splitting on non-\r\n characters has patch open
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