ID Activity Title Status
22057 yesterday The doc say all globals are copied on eval(), but only __builtins__ is copied has patch open
5784 yesterday raw deflate format and zlib module open
24021 yesterday Add docstring to urllib.urlretrieve open
15339 yesterday document the threading "facts of life" in Python open
24060 2 days ago Clearify necessities for logging with timestamps open
23227 3 days ago Generator's finally block not run if close() called before first iteration open
24027 5 days ago IMAP library lacks documentation about expected parameter types open
13814 6 days ago Document why generators don't support the context management protocol has patch open
2716 6 days ago Document license under which audioop is used open
10435 6 days ago Document unicode C-API in reST has patch open
23987 7 days ago docs about containers membership testing wrong for broken objects open
7018 7 days ago Recommend "*" over "#" in getargs.c typecodes open
13386 1 week ago Document documentation conventions for optional args open
23986 1 week ago Inaccuracy about "in" keyword for list and tuple has patch open
23738 1 week ago Clarify documentation of positional-only default values has patch open
21996 1 week ago gettarinfo method does not handle files without text string names open
22468 1 week ago Tarfile using fstat on GZip file object has patch open
24013 1 week ago Improve os.scandir() and DirEntry documentation has patch open
23725 1 week ago update tempfile docs to say that TemporaryFile is secure has patch open
16893 1 week ago Generate Idle help from Doc/library/idle.rst has patch open
23984 1 week ago Documentation error: Descriptors open
18262 1 week ago ZipInfo.external_attr are not documented has patch open
23980 1 week ago Documentation for format units starting with 'e' is inconsistent open
23983 1 week ago Update example in the pty documentation has patch open
20769 1 week ago Reload() description is unclear has patch open
22812 1 week ago Documentation of unittest -p usage wrong on windows. has patch open
23320 1 week ago devguide should mention rules about "paragraph reflow" in the documentation open
23962 1 week ago Incorrect TimeoutError referenced in concurrent.futures documentation has patch open
23936 1 week ago Wrong references to deprecated find_module instead of find_spec has patch open
23921 1 week ago Standardize documentation whitespace, formatting has patch open
13850 2 weeks ago Summary tables for argparse add_argument options has patch open
23864 2 weeks ago issubclass without registration only works for "one-trick pony" collections ABCs. has patch open
23915 2 weeks ago traceback set with BaseException.with_traceback() overwritten on raise has patch open
21108 2 weeks ago Add examples for importlib in doc has patch open
10289 2 weeks ago Document magic methods called by built-in functions has patch open
14050 2 weeks ago Tutorial, list.sort() and items comparability has patch open
23891 2 weeks ago Tutorial doesn't mention either pip or virtualenv open
12160 2 weeks ago codecs doc: what is StreamCodec? has patch open
23484 2 weeks ago SemLock acquire() keyword arg 'blocking' is invalid has patch open
23756 3 weeks ago Tighten definition of bytes-like objects has patch open
23850 3 weeks ago Missing documentation for Py_TPFLAGS_HAVE_NEWBUFFER open
23843 3 weeks ago ssl.wrap_socket doesn't handle virtual TLS hosts open
22671 3 weeks ago Typo in class io.BufferedIOBase docs has patch open
23814 3 weeks ago argparse: Parser level defaults do not always override argument level defaults open
23360 3 weeks ago Content-Type when sending data with urlopen() has patch open
23088 3 weeks ago Document that PyUnicode_AsUTF8() returns a null-terminated string has patch open
22341 4 weeks ago Python 3 crc32 documentation clarifications has patch open
23758 1 month ago Improve documenation about num_params in sqlite3 create_function and create_aggregate has patch open
19023 1 month ago ctypes docs: Unimplemented and undocumented features has patch open
23806 1 month ago documentation for no_proxy is missing from the python3 urllib documentation open
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