ID Activity Title Status
deferred blocker
18257 16 months ago Two copies of python-config open
18864 5 months ago Implementation for PEP 451 (importlib.machinery.ModuleSpec) has patch open
22970 2 months ago asyncio: Cancelling wait() after notification leaves Condition in an inconsistent state has patch open
21998 2 months ago asyncio: support fork has patch open
22980 3 weeks ago C extension naming doesn't take bitness into account has patch open
23810 3 weeks ago Suboptimal stacklevel of deprecation warnings for formatter and imp modules has patch open
23812 1 week ago asyncio.Queue.put_nowait(), followed get() task cancellation leads to item being lost has patch open
23517 7 days ago datetime.utcfromtimestamp parses timestamps incorrectly open
23623 7 days ago Python 3.5 docs need to clarify how to set PATH, etc open
24492 7 days ago using custom objects as modules: AttributeErrors new in 3.5 open
24635 3 days ago test_typing is flaky open
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