ID Activity Title Status
14499 18 months ago Extension module builds fail with Xcode 4.3 on OS X 10.7 due to SDK move open
6164 43 months ago [AIX] Patch to correct the AIX C/C++ linker argument used for 'runtime_library_dirs' has patch open
11600 34 months ago PY_CFLAGS and PY_CPPFLAGS inconsistent open
20767 13 months ago Some python extensions can't be compiled with clang 3.4 has patch open
2437 9 months ago Distutils runtime_library_dirs broken on Windows open
6377 3 weeks ago distutils compiler switch ignored has patch open
2445 7 days ago Use The CygwinCCompiler Under Cygwin has patch open
9023 56 months ago distutils relative path errors open
1289136 56 months ago distutils extension library path bug on cygwin open
919238 56 months ago Recursive variable definition causes sysconfig infinite loop open
9261 56 months ago include higher (../../) dirs fails open
6860 55 months ago Inconsistent naming of custom command in help output open
2624 53 months ago swig support in distutils should use the build and temp dirs has patch open
1016626 53 months ago distutils support for swig is under par open
1109963 52 months ago bdist_wininst ignores build_lib from build command has patch open
858809 50 months ago Use directories from configure rather than hardcoded has patch open
6863 50 months ago Wrong linker command if CXX set to "ccache g++" has patch open
901727 49 months ago extra_path kwarg to setup() undocumented has patch open
5474 49 months ago distutils produces invalid RPM packages of prerelease python packages has patch open
11623 47 months ago Distutils is reporting OSX 10.6 w/ XCode 4 as "universal" open
5043 47 months ago get_msvcr() returns None rather than [] open
12200 47 months ago bdist_wininst install_script not run on uninstall has patch open
9363 47 months ago data_files are not installed relative to sys.prefix open
11376 46 months ago Solaris/GCC/shared lib problem open
12087 46 months ago install_egg_info fails with UnicodeEncodeError depending on locale open
4672 46 months ago Distutils SWIG support blocks use of SWIG -outdir option open
11472 43 months ago upload command fails to read auth information from .pypirc open
13320 42 months ago _remove_visual_c_ref in distutils.msvc9compiler causes DLL load fail with embedded Python and multiple CRT versions open
13316 41 months ago build_py_2to3 does not convert when there was an error in the last run open
13420 41 months ago newer() function in discard changes in the same second has patch open
13962 39 months ago multiple lib and include directories on Linux open
13892 38 months ago distutils handling of windows manifest isn't optimal open
7694 38 months ago DeprecationWarnings in distutils are pointless open
7509 38 months ago AttributeError: MSVCCompiler instance has no attribute '_MSVCCompiler__root' open
14106 38 months ago Distutils manifest: recursive-(include|exclude) matches suffix instead of full filename has patch open
1112955 38 months ago move_file()'s return value when dry_run=1 unclear has patch open
9995 37 months ago " register sdist upload" requires pass to be saved has patch open
13486 37 months ago doesn't properly generate manifest files. has patch open
14530 36 months ago distutils's build_wininst command fails to correctly interpret the data_files argument open
14529 36 months ago distutils's build_msi command ignores the data_files argument open
8954 35 months ago wininst regression: errors when building on linux has patch open
14877 35 months ago No option to run bdist_wininst against newer msvc versions on non-windows systems open
14978 34 months ago distutils Extension fails to be created with unicode package names has patch open
15205 34 months ago distutils dereferences symlinks on Mac OS X but not on Linux open
15321 33 months ago bdist_wininst installers may terminate with "close failed in file object destructor:\nsys.excepthook is missing\nlost sys.stderr" open
16238 30 months ago Automatically remove build directory when build options changed open
16466 29 months ago register command forgets password if no config file is created has patch open
16346 28 months ago readline problem open
13615 28 months ago register fails with -r argument has patch open
16926 27 months ago register does not always respect --repository open
16879 27 months ago distutils.command.config uses fragile constant temporary file name open
8730 27 months ago Spurious test failure in distutils open
15182 27 months ago find_library_file() should try to link open
4010 27 months ago configure options don't trickle down to distutils has patch open
17096 27 months ago the system keyring should be used instead of ~/.pypirc open
17144 26 months ago Distutils: "sdist register upload" ignores -r argument open
16401 26 months ago mention PKG-INFO in the documentation open
13317 25 months ago building with 2to3 generates wrong import paths because build_ext is run after build_py open
763043 25 months ago unable to specify another compiler open
17420 25 months ago bdist_wininst does not play well with unicode descriptions open
10945 24 months ago bdist_wininst depends on MBCS codec, unavailable on non-Windows open
14030 22 months ago Be more careful about selecting the compiler in distutils open
17121 22 months ago SSH upload for distutils open
15797 22 months ago bdist_msi does not pass -install/remove flags to install_script has patch open
1052827 22 months ago filelist.findall should not fail on dangling symlinks has patch open
18640 21 months ago mingw: generalization of posix build in distutils/ has patch open
4636 19 months ago bdist_wininst installer with install script raises exception has patch open
18639 18 months ago mingw: avoid circular dependency from time module during native build of extentions has patch open
11928 18 months ago fail on filename with space at the end open
18834 18 months ago Add Clang to distutils to build C/C++ extensions has patch open
16472 18 months ago Distutils+mingw links agains msvcr90, while python27.dll is linked agains msvcrt has patch open
13276 17 months ago bdist_wininst-created installer does not run the postinstallation script when uninstalling open
12585 17 months ago distutils dereferences symlinks for zip but not for bztar/gztar target open
20120 15 months ago Percent-signs (%) in .pypirc should not be interpolated open
13943 15 months ago distutils’ build_py fails when package string is unicode open
5755 15 months ago "-Wstrict-prototypes" is valid for Ada/C/ObjC but not for C++" open
16202 15 months ago sys.path[0] security issues has patch open
1479255 14 months ago Fix building with SWIG's -c++ option set in has patch open
1465554 14 months ago Cygwin installer should create a link to libpythonX.Y.dll.a open
2941 14 months ago Propagate define to resurce mingw32 compile has patch open
4878 14 months ago post installer script's message is not shown to user with bdist_wininst open
1254718 14 months ago GCC detection for runtime_library_dirs when ccache is used has patch open
20705 14 months ago distutils.extension.Extension with empty 'sources' list has patch open
20754 14 months ago distutils should use SafeConfigParser open
19570 14 months ago distutils' Command.ensure_dirname fails on Unicode has patch open
20788 13 months ago distutils.msvccompiler - flags are hidden inside initialize() open
20819 13 months ago reinitialize_command doesn't clear install_lib on install and install_lib commands open
1222585 13 months ago C++ compilation support for distutils has patch open
19549 13 months ago PKG-INFO is created with CRLF on Windows open
19394 13 months ago distutils.core.Extension: empty strings in library_dirs and include_dirs should not be allowed open
12944 13 months ago Accept arbitrary files for distutils' upload command open
18970 13 months ago run_setup() behavior differs from cli invocation of has patch open
16326 13 months ago distutils build_ext fails to set library_dirs in 2.7.2 on Linux has patch open
7219 13 months ago Unhelpful error message when a distutils package install fails due to a permissions error has patch open
5243 13 months ago Missing dependency in distutils build has patch open
20464 13 months ago Update distutils sample config file in Doc/install/index.rst open
1109658 13 months ago distutils dry-run breaks when attempting to bytecompile has patch open
13038 13 months ago bdist_wininst installers should warn if target dir is read-only open
8501 13 months ago install --dry-run option doesn't work open
5572 13 months ago distutils should respect the LIBS configure env var has patch open
5300 13 months ago distutils should preserve +x bit on data files open
11723 13 months ago Add support for mingw64 compiler has patch open
2942 13 months ago mingw/cygwin do not accept asm file as extension source has patch open
4480 13 months ago bdist_msi and bdist_wininst are missing an uninstaller icon open
5936 13 months ago Add MSI suport for uninstalling individual versions open
11219 13 months ago distutils check command: warn if license is specified in both the License and Classifier metadata fields open
5926 13 months ago bdist_msi: add support for minimum Python version for pure Python projects open
15419 13 months ago distutils: build should use a version-specific build directory open
6040 13 months ago bdist_msi does not deal with pre-release version open
10367 13 months ago "python sdist upload --show-response" can fail with "UnboundLocalError: local variable 'result' referenced before assignment" has patch open
11122 13 months ago bdist_rpm should use rpmbuild, not rpm has patch open
5977 13 months ago distutils build_ext.get_outputs returns wrong result has patch open
20212 13 months ago distutils: fix build_ext check to find whether we're building Python or not has patch open
20900 13 months ago distutils register command should print text, not bytes repr has patch open
7677 13 months ago upload: improve display for error messages from gpg open
6145 13 months ago distutils.extension.read_setup_file misinterprets -C switch has patch open
8763 13 months ago py3K bdist_msi wrongly installs itself in ALL python versions open
8987 13 months ago Distutils doesn't quote Windows command lines properly has patch open
809163 12 months ago Can't add files with spaces under bdist_rpm has patch open
1887 12 months ago Document that distutils doesn't support out-of-source builds has patch open
20397 12 months ago distutils --record option does not validate existence of byte-compiled files open
21060 12 months ago Better error message for upload command without sdist has patch open
21318 12 months ago sdist fails with symbolic links do non-existing files open
21409 12 months ago check - should fail and retrun a non 0 exit code open
21410 12 months ago check --restructuredtext -- appears to pass if docutils not installed open
21453 11 months ago Support of RPM subpackages in distutils open
969718 11 months ago BASECFLAGS are not passed to module build line has patch open
21272 10 months ago use _sysconfigdata to itinialize distutils.sysconfig has patch open
17454 10 months ago ld_so_aix not used when linking c++ (scipy) has patch open
21657 10 months ago pip.get_installed_distributions() Does not return packages in the current working directory open
16189 10 months ago ld_so_aix not found has patch open
21749 10 months ago pkgutil ImpLoader does not support frozen modules has patch open
4918 10 months ago Windows installer created with Python X.Y does not work with Python X.Y+1 open
21776 10 months ago distutils.upload uses the wrong order of exceptions has patch open
1635217 10 months ago Warn against using requires/provides/obsoletes in open
11601 10 months ago UnixCCompiler always uses compiler_so, not compiler open
11191 10 months ago test_search_cpp error on AIX (with xlc) open
8918 10 months ago distutils test_config_cmd failure on Solaris open
8908 10 months ago friendly errors for UAC misbehavior in windows installers has patch open
21839 10 months ago Fix distutils in unicodeless build has patch open
7202 10 months ago "python cmd --verbose" does not set verbosity open
10932 10 months ago distutils.core.setup - data_files misbehaviour ? has patch open
9322 10 months ago Don’t fail silently if ext_modules use absolute paths has patch open
12420 10 months ago distutils tests fail if PATH is not defined has patch open
828450 10 months ago sdist generates bad MANIFEST on Windows has patch open
13055 10 months ago Distutils tries to handle null versions but fails open
20337 9 months ago bdist_rpm should support %config(noreplace) has patch open
16296 9 months ago Patch to fix building on Win32/64 under VS 2010 has patch open
12259 9 months ago Document which compilers can be created on which platform open
6087 9 months ago distutils.sysconfig.get_python_lib gives surprising result when used with a Python build has patch open
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