ID Activity Title Status
21895 6 minutes ago signal.pause() and signal handlers don't react to SIGCHLD in non-main thread has PR open
29885 14 minutes ago Allow GMT timezones to be used in datetime. open
29881 1 3/4 hours ago Add a new private API for "static C variables" (_PyStaticVar) to clear them at exit has PR open
29884 2 hours ago faulthandler does not properly restore sigaltstack during teardown has PR open
14965 3 hours ago super() and property inheritance behavior has patch open
29869 4 hours ago Underscores in numeric literals not supported in lib2to3. has PR open
13349 5 hours ago Non-informative error message in index() and remove() functions has patch open
29882 10 hours ago Add an efficient popcount method for integers has PR open
29204 11 hours ago Add code deprecations in ElementTree has patch has PR open
29816 12 hours ago Get rid of C limitation for shift count in right shift has patch has PR open
29883 yesterday asyncio: Windows Proactor Event Loop UDP Support open
29757 yesterday The loop in utility `socket.create_connection()` swallows previous errors has PR open
29878 yesterday Add global instances of int 0 and 1 has patch open
29847 yesterday Path takes and ignores **kwargs open
29879 yesterday typing.Text not available in python 3.5.1 open
29640 yesterday _PyThreadState_Init and fork race leads to inconsistent key list has patch open
29877 yesterday compileall hangs when accessing urandom even if number of workers is 1 open
29788 yesterday tarfile: Add absolute_path option to tarfile, disabled by default open
29871 yesterday Enable optimized locks on Windows has PR open
29779 yesterday New environment variable PYTHONHISTORY has PR open
29870 yesterday ssl socket leak open
27863 yesterday multiple issues in _elementtree module has PR open
29857 yesterday Provide `sys.executable_argv` for host application's command line arguments open
29868 yesterday multiprocessing.dummy missing cpu_count open
29504 yesterday blake2: compile error with -march=bdver2 open
28767 yesterday Readd __index__ support on ipaddress objects open
29862 yesterday Fix grammar typo in importlib.reload() exception open
27593 yesterday Deprecate sys._mercurial and create sys._git has patch has PR open
29863 yesterday Add a COMPACT constant to the json module has PR open
29593 yesterday Improve UnboundLocalError message for deleted names has PR open
17792 yesterday Unhelpful UnboundLocalError due to del'ing of exception target has patch open
29736 yesterday Optimize builtin types constructor has PR open
29867 yesterday Add asserts in PyXXX_GET_SIZE macros has PR open
29860 2 days ago doesn't capitalize EHLO. open
29851 2 days ago Have importlib.reload() raise ImportError when a spec can't be found open
29846 2 days ago ImportError: Symbol not found: __PyCodecInfo_GetIncrementalDecoder when building 2.7.x on macOS open
29861 2 days ago multiprocessing Pool keeps objects (tasks, args, results) alive too long has PR open
22708 2 days ago httplib/http.client in method _tunnel used HTTP/1.0 CONNECT method has patch has PR open
14003 2 days ago __self__ on built-in functions is not as documented open
29734 2 days ago nt._getfinalpathname handle leak has PR open
29854 2 days ago Segfault when readline history is more then 2 * history size has PR open
29844 2 days ago Windows Python installers not installing DLL to System32/SysWOW64 open
15590 2 days ago --libs is inconsistent for python-config --libs and pkgconfig python --libs has patch has PR open
29858 2 days ago inspect.signature includes bound argument for wrappers around decorated bound methods has PR open
29116 3 days ago Make str and bytes error messages on concatenation conform with other sequences has PR open
15988 3 days ago Inconsistency in overflow error messages of integer argument has patch has PR open
29842 3 days ago Make work with infinite/large inputs correctly has PR open
29852 3 days ago Argument Clinic: add common converter to Py_ssize_t that accepts None has PR open
29819 3 days ago Avoid raising OverflowError in truncate() if possible open
29830 3 days ago pyexpat.errors doesn't have __spec__ and __loader__ set open
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